"The Nun" was released on Friday, September 7, 2018, across the world.

The film is a spine-chilling horror prequel to “The Conjuring 2,” and the setting was in Romanian abbey in 1952. The setting is perfect just like in most Count Dracula horrors, and Romania is the home of the most blood-curdling characters. A Roman priest played by Demián Bichir along with his less experienced assistant (Taissa Farmiga) are sent to investigate the mysterious death of a nun.

Terror at its most chilling form

The priest who has a haunted past starts investigating the suicide of the nun with his assistant who has just finished her final vows.

What they uncover is a series of blood-curdling truth which includes a satanic nun who is terrorizing the abbey.

During the process of investigating the suicide, they discover spiteful and wicked force in the form of the same evil nun that first terrified audiences in "The Conjuring 2."

The duo uncovers the divine but sinful secret and risks their lives and the very faith they hold dear. The event which follows is scary and gory which will shake even the best fans of the horror genre of films. The abbey becomes a dreadful battleground between the living and the damned.

With "The Nun" just released, the ominous and menacing Valak will be visible again, and most of the faint-hearted will be hiding their faces behind popcorn sachets or staring at the roof.

The Corin Hardy directed flick will be once again featuring the Nun with her blood-chilling acts. The seeds of the Conjuring franchise must have been sown much earlier.

Prequel reality five years ago?

If you remember the Conjuring one can see the signs of the creepy nun on the walls of Ed and Lorraine Warren basement.

Fans are watching the Conjuring more carefully since the news broke that “The Nun” was the prequel to the franchise.

However one cannot say with cent percent surety if director James Wan and the team had made up their mind for the new spinoff five years ago.

Box-office collections:

"The Nun" is expected to earn in the range $36–45 million from 3,876 theaters in the first week at the box-office.

It made $5.4 million from Thursday night previews, the highest of any Conjuring film.

The flick is a closely related spin-off of 2016's "The Conjuring 2" which had raked in $102 million at the domestic box office.

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