Last week, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" episode ended after showing fans a glimpse of Necrozma. Alola's Ultra Aura was sucked in by Necrozma through a small Ultra Hole which resulted in a "feeling down" sensation in the adults of Alola region. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has really been uneventful since the last couple of episodes, but this arc definitely looks exciting.


The episode starts with Ash explaining how the adults were suddenly acting strangely due to an Ultra Hole activity near the Altar of the Sunne. The Ultra Guardians arrive at the site of the Ultra Hole and suddenly, Lunala emerges from the wormhole.

At first, Ash and his friends think that Lunala was the reason that Ultra Aura was depleting from Alola, but everyone is shocked when an Ultra Beast comes out of the same Ultra Hole while chasing Lunala. Fans of "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" video games would already recognize that this Ultra Beast is called Necrozma.

While chasing Lunala, Lusamine explains that Necrozma was absorbing all the Ultra Aura from Alola and is chasing Lunala to absorb its Ultra Aura as well. Both of them fly towards the Melemele Island and Lusamine orders the Ultra Guardians to protect Lunala from Necrozma. Somewhere on Melemele Island, Team Rocket also finds out about Lunala and Necrozma and informs the Matori Matrix unit of Team Rocket about this sighting.

Hala watches both of them fighting from a distance when suddenly, he sees them crashing in his direction, but Kapu Kokeko stops Necrozma from chasing Lunala. Kapu Kokeko attacks Necrozma, but it doesn't do any damage and Necrozma starts to chase Lunala again.

Meanwhile, Ultra Guardians arrive and see that Lunala has stopped running and has started fighting against the mysterious Ultra Beast, Lunala uses various attacks, including Phantom Force.

Lunala puts up a good fight, but Necrozma counters its Phantom Force attack and knocks it away. Ash and Gladio attack Necrozma, which angers it and it strikes back. Lillie falls off of Altaria due to Necrozma's attack, but Lunala saves her in time.

Appearance of Solgaleo

Ultra Guardians attack Necrozma once again, but it doesn't do any damage at all.

Bebenom notices a pattern on Necrozma's back and Rotom-dex tells Ash that the pattern matches Bebenom's drawing. Necrozma possesses Lunala and becomes Dawn-Wings Necrozma. Matori Matrix appears out of nowhere and catches it in an electromagnetic net, but Necrozma easily frees itself from it.

A piece of the broken net is tossed towards Ash, but Solgaleo appears from an Ultra Hole and saves him. A fierce battle Solgaleo and Necrozma break out, but Solgaleo manages to free Lunala from Necrozm possession. Matori Matrix tries to catch both of the legendary Pokemon, but they fail. Necrozma emerges from the water and possesses Solgaleo. Ash tries to save Solgaleo, but Necrozma takes Solgaleo to the other side of Ultra Hole.

Every adult gets their energy back and Ultra Guardians, with the help of Lusamine, takes Lunala to Pokemon school's underground base. Rotom-dex wonders how Bebenom knows about this mysterious Ultra Beast and the Radiant One. The next scene shows the three Kahuna praying for the safety of Alola Island. While waiting for the recovery of Lunala, the four Z-rings suddenly glow and emits energy towards Lunala. The episode ends with Lunala regaining its energy back.

Next episode preview

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" episode 89 titled as "Prism of Light and Darkness, Its Name is Necrozma!!" is set to air on September 6. You can watch it on Tokyo TV at 6:55 JST.