The rap culture has changed in quality, but not in mind, as drugs are at the heart of it all. We have now lost yet another rapper at a young age, in Mac Miller, at just 26 years of age. Not too long ago, we also saw the death of XXXTentacion, as he was murdered in his car and robbed on the day he was shopping for a motorcycle. Mac Miller has died of a drug overdose and more details will be revealed in the coming day or so. Below is a look about what happened and a review of the rapper's life, with a summary of his work and the events that led up to this moment.

Drug overdose

Our society, especially in the rap genre, has depicted the use of drugs as cool and as sparking creativity. Sadly, this is the price for being a creative genius and Mac Miller surely was filled with talent and a relentless work ethic. Mac was also a beloved member of the rap community with his passion for music and the kind individual that he was. According to an article by Rolling Stone, the rapper was found dead at his Los Angeles home today close to noon on (September 7). The family released a statement saying "Malcolm McCormick known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26."

This was really surprising, seeing as he released his album "Swimming" on August 3 and it has been met with rave reviews for its honesty and progression as an artist.

It contained lyrics that he was in a better place and happy with life. It also contained his struggles as him and pop star Ariana Grande split after supposedly dealing with Miller's sobriety and drug issues for too long. Mac was arrested for a DUI soon after the split.

Progression as an artist

Mac entered the rap game with his debut album, "Blue Slide Park," that did surprisingly well for an independent artist and it earned him a contract.

He released a string of mixtapes before that, which showed off the rapper's signature flow and nice rhymes. It was clear that he had a gift from the start with his imagery and flow unlike any other.

He started rapping, as Rolling Stone notes, under the moniker "EZ Mac," before transitioning to Mac Miller after someone else was named EZ Mac.

He was originally a frat rapper who made party music, evident by his first album, but what would follow would be a blossoming career and a special artist who people and critics thought they knew.

The rapper's smash hit would be "Donald Trump," that angered the president, even though it had nothing to do with him. Mac's material would get darker, but show his pure genius with one of his best albums to date in "Watching Movies with the Sound Off." It had darker themes of religion, death, clever imagery and rhymes.

A mixtape named "Faces" would follow, which is underrated according to many fans and critics for its dark themes on religion, death, and the power of drugs on the soul and mind. After that, it was "GO:OD AM," with rapping over jazzy production and a new beginning for the rapper as he fought past addiction to various drugs and it symbolized a new beginning.

On his last two albums, both "The Divine Feminine" and "Swimming," he would show off his singing, proving he could be a dual threat. Throughout his career, he used music to beautifully document his struggles with drugs, anxiety, and sobriety.

Icon Jay-Z also had this gem of a tweet to portray Mac Miller and how he was as an artist.

Respect from around the rap/hip-hop sphere

Mac Miller's impact across the rap and hip/hop sphere has been felt as many artists paid respects to the artist with their posts according to an article by Complex. Many well-known rappers such as J. Cole, Chance The Rapper, Wiz Khalifa Offset, Pusha T, and others had kind words to say about the Pittsburgh rapper.

Many passionate fans have been quick to blame Ariana Grande, who injured her hand recently, for the rapper's death because of dating and engaging to Pete Davidson very soon after their break up. Some assumed she cheated on him while the two were dating. The sad part is that he is gone too soon and he still had a lot to give to the world as he could have released more music and improved. Rest in peace to legend Mac Miller.