Jana Duggar, the oldest of the Duggar Family daughters, remains single, which has raised speculation among fans and critics alike, whether she is in a secretive relationship with a female friend, according to Your Tango, Café Mom, OK! Magazine, and several additional media outlets. Fans on social media took the question directly to Jana’s brother-in-law Derick Dillard, Your Tango reported on September 21.

As an effect of Jana’s younger sisters marrying already, attention turns to Jana once again, according to Celebrity Insider and Café Mom, which dubbed Jana “Cinderella Duggar” in the title of an article published on September 22.

Fans wish Jana would leave Duggar family nest

Jana is approaching 30. Additionally, she has not been courted, which is how Duggars reference a purposeful relationship with the intent to potentially get married. She still lives with the Duggar family patriarch, Jim Bob, and matriarch Michelle. Since Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna married early in their lives, and started their own families, fans and social media followers wonder when and if Jana will spread her proverbial wings and fly out from under her parents’ roof. After all, the 20s are often a time of self-discovery and increased individuation for young adults.

Fans and critics, alike, make comparisons between Jana and her married siblings.

Whether people believe that they have Jana’s best interest in mind is not known. However, many people are staunch in their belief that Jana is being held back by her parents, who expect her to continue helping them with her younger brothers and sisters.

Respect is key to caring

Since it does seem like a norm, rather than an exception, for the Duggar daughters to marry earlier in life, people have questioned Jana’s sexual orientation.

Reality star or not, though, she is deserving of respect and a modicum of privacy when it comes to her personal life.

She has not paraded herself on television, as the result of a decision she made when she was young. Her parents signed her up, along with the entire Duggar family, when contracting for reality television with the TLC network -- much like Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright agreeing to star on Bravo network's "Vanderpump Rules."

Jana has support of fans

Despite everything negative some people so freely pen about the Duggar family online, Jana does have the support of many people who believe if and when she wants to marry, she will.

If she never gets married and is happy, that, too, is perfectly all right. What I feel is not okay is trying to pressure a person into publicly declaring her orientation or using coercion to see if actor Robert Wagner might confess to having a role in Natalie Wood's death.

Derick Dillard responds to rumors on Twitter

Derick Dillard reportedly cleared “the air” about Jana’s current relationship status on Twitter, OK! Magazine noted on September 19. He was asked by someone on Twitter if Jana is dating “her friend Lauren.”

Since there are rumors swirling about Jana, the person thought it prudent to ask Dillard to “set the record straight.” Oh, as if that is Dillard’s place, the homophobe that he has presented himself to be in his social media rants about Jazz Jennings and Nate Berkus.

Regardless of Dillard’s beliefs on sexual orientation, he provided an answer. He tweeted, “Uh no.” Uh-oh. Didn’t he realize that people would translate “Uh” into subverting the truth? One person interpreted his choice of words as a sign of hesitation. Actually, however, he replied, indicating, “I said ‘uh’ because I didn’t get the sense it was a serious question.”

People cannot seem to ‘let a girl live’

Considering that people are asking the same man who was booted by TLC for making disparaging remarks about LGBTQ people, does anyone honestly believe that Jana would confide her relationship status in Jill or in Derick, knowing how openly he has conveyed so much disdain?

Come on, people. Café Mom crystallized what actual fans believe by stating that “we can't even let a girl live, apparently.” Insinuating that Jana Duggar is akin to “Cinderella” and suggesting that she is or is not in a relationship with someone undercuts demonstrating respect for another person.

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