July 20 would have marked a significant date in the life of actress Natalie Wood. She would have been 80 years old but a drowning accident off of California’s scenic coast, near Santa Catalina Island, claimed her life. The case of Wood’s death remains shrouded by mystery, mired in accusations against Actor Robert Wagner, who was her husband at the time of her death in 1981. Wagner’s rep made no bones about telling Fox News, on September 21, that his two principal accusers are “despicable” for alleging the actor was involved in his wife’s death.

Following each chapter of the podcast “Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood,” new revelations are relayed, which prompts further finger-pointing.

The latest episode (shared on Friday) evoked a response from someone Fox News cites as Wagner’s rep, who stated, “They are despicable human beings.”

Yacht captain and actress’s younger sister accuse Wagner in case

The two people at the forefront of leveling allegations against Robert “RJ” Wagner are Lana Wood and former yacht captain Dennis Davern, the captain of the couple’s boat, Splendour, when Wood was found dead, floating in the ocean near Santa Catalina Island.

Wagner’s rep additionally emphasized to Fox that Wood’s younger sister, Lana, and Davern “should be ashamed of themselves.” Wagner, 88, has not spoken publicly about his wife’s death or talked with law enforcement since February, according to the Daily Mail (UK).

Wood and Davern have continually expressed their belief that Wagner had a hand in his wife’s demise.

Aging actor’s account of events has changed

Earlier this year is when authorities broke the news that Wagner is a “person of interest.” Authorities reopened the case in 1981.

At that time, Wagner did speak to officers. Detectives contend that Wagner’s account of events has changed over the years. Homicide Detective Ralph Hernandez, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, said there are two new witnesses who have come forward but their identities are not being disclosed.

The witnesses’ account, reportedly, matched details Davern shared, asserting that Wagner and Wood argued at the rear of the yacht before she died.

Hernandez explained that the two people reported seeing and hearing the couple arguing. “They saw them at the swim step,” the detective said, adding, “then she was gone.”

Christopher Walken is cooperating

The late screen icon was most noted for her captivating performances in “West Side Story,” “Rebel Without a Cause” (also starring James Dean), and “Gypsy,” which recounted the life of famed burlesque artist Gypsy Rose Lee. Wood was on the yacht with her husband, the boat’s captain, and actor Christopher Walken. The trio of screen artist-celebrities was on a post-Thanksgiving cruise, moored near Catalina. Walken and Wood were co-starring and filming the movie “Brainstorm” when she died.

According to Detective Hernandez, money is not a motive, explaining why the witnesses offered new information decades after Wood died.

The pair of unidentified witnesses is not seeking “the limelight,” he added. “In fact,” he stated, law enforcement had to “seek out and find” the two people.

While Wagner has not availed himself to authorities for an additional interview, Hernandez affirmed that Walken was re-interviewed. He has cooperated. Though the detective did not broach specific details, he relayed that Walken’s information actually “corroborated” some of “Davern’s account.”

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