Joseph Duggar has just come under fire for the way he apparently treats his new wife, Kendra Duggar. He got into trouble with fans online when TLC posted a video of the Duggar family saying what they were looking forward to for Christmas. This video made some fans angry with Joseph as they believe that he was disrespecting Kendra constantly throughout it. It is worth mentioning that this couple is hardly ever in the news for anything bad as they just announced that they were expecting a child a couple of weeks ago.

How was Joseph Duggar disrespecting Kendra Duggar in the video?

In this TLC video fans noticed that Joseph Duggar constantly spoke over his wife Kendra Duggar anytime she had something to say. Throughout the clip Joseph does most of the talking and Kendra will just nod and agree with him. However, Joseph did eventually allow her to talk about what she likes to do over the holidays. Kendra spoke about how she and her family love to spread their holiday spirit with all different kinds of people. For example, she said that “We like singing at the hospice.” When she was about to continue with her statement Joseph rudely interrupted her and said “Yeah. As a church, we’ve went around and sang to the veterans and a bunch of different people.”

Well, with Joesph apparently being rather rude to his wife in the clip it has made some Duggar family fans quite angry online.

For example, one fan wrote, “It was a cool video, but Joe let her talk agree with others.” While another Duggar fan shared the same thoughts by writing “Joe please let Kendra talk, we love hearing her thoughts. I meant no disrespect, but you talked over her several times.”

What has Joseph and Kendra Duggar been up to this year?

As mentioned above this Duggar couple has had quite the busy year.

The two got engaged around the month of May and they got married only a few months later in September. To make their year even more eventful, the couple announced that they were expecting a child just a few weeks ago. It is worth mentioning that there have been rumors for months about this couple being pregnant. The speculation grew even more when Kendra took a family picture and her mother covered her stomach so the viewer of the picture could not tell if Kendra had a baby bump or not. If you want you can catch up with the rest of the Duggar family on their TLC reality television show “Counting On” and you can also follow them on social media.