Jinger Duggar Vuolo has always appeared to have an eye for fashion and putting together stylish looks. Her flair for fashion became self-evident once again while her husband Jeremy Vuolo’s parents were in Laredo, Texas recently visiting the couple and their granddaughter Felicity Nicole, who is now two months old.

During Jinger’s visit with her in-laws, she shared photos on her social media. She knew how to rock maternity style as good as it gets. She also knows post-pregnancy fashion, looking great and up-to-date with her trendy sense of apparel, yet also not over-the-top, in making a statement that leaves a favorable impression.

She paired a “cute khaki dress” with wedge sandals, as the Celebrity Insider noted on September 26.

Social media follower suggests Jinger start a fashion blog

Her Instagram account followers wasted no time in offering compliments. While many stated how good they think she looks, one follower, going by the moniker @amyprice_74, wrote, “You need to seriously consider starting a fashion blog and maybe even someday design your own line!”

In addition to fans and her social media followers appreciating Jinger’s fashion, they also welcomed seeing the additional photos that Jinger shared during the visit that she and Jeremy had with his parents.

Along with one of the photos, she pointed out that they “had an extraordinary weekend together.”

Fans think Jeremy’s brother and Jinger’s sister could be a match

In light of being accustomed to seeing Jinger’s parents, it was a treat for fans to also get a closer look at Jeremy’s parents and his siblings, Valerie and Charles.

It was Jeremy’s brother, however, who garnered most of the comments.

Many fans and followers mentioned that Charles could be a potential match for Jinger’s sister Jana, In Touch Weekly reported. A fan offered the suggestion that Jinger and Jeremy steer Charles “in the direction of Jana.” Many people believe that the couple’s siblings, respectively Jana and Charles, might really hit it off.

Jana is single

Quite possibly, now that Jana’s friend Laura DeMasie announced on Twitter that she and Jana are not dating, people understand that Jinger’s sister is simply single and will leave the topic of her sexual orientation alone.

DeMasie only made the statement on Twitter since people were not accepting Derick Dillard’s Twitter response when he addressed a fan who asked whether the two are dating. He stated, no. DeMasie has since tweeted the same. The two women are friends. That’s it.

Maybe now, Duggar fans and followers can just appreciate things are the way they are and focus on the important aspect of acceptance.

Baby Felicity spends time with her grandparents

Another feature of Jinger’s visit with her in-laws was that Felicity was seeing more of her fraternal grandparents.

One of the most striking photos that Jinger shared is of her grandmother holding her granddaughter with both appearing to take in as much of the other as possible. Jinger captioned the image, “Grandma time.”

Jeremy also posted very stunning images on his Instagram account. One recent photo most especially is beautiful. Jinger is holding baby Felicity who his pulling on her mom’s hair. He captioned the picture, stating that Felicity, who the couple nicknamed “Lissy,” was not very fond of having her photo taken “earlier” and “preferred pulling” Jinger’s hair. Instagram user @diannsandbek remarked, “I just love your beautiful family with little Felicity, your precious little angel.”

Baby girl shares mom’s expressive ability

Fans and followers can see how much Jinger and Jeremy love their baby.

On her second-month anniversary after she was born, Jinger also posted a photo to mark the occasion. Felicity most definitely exudes the ability to offer great facial expressions, just like Jinger.

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