Country Music superstar Carrie Underwood has always been clear about expressing her values, her faith, and keeping things in perspective. If it were possible, she might want to erase the past few days from her calendar, from a purely career-related perspective, but Carrie Underwood is more than just a performer. Being an expectant mother again is putting the important things in life into perspective. There are more important things than doing a show, and Carrie Underwood has racked up thousands of shows since her Season 4 win on “American Idol” changed her life.

She understands that hard-earned money, many dreams, and days and weeks of anticipation that go into attending a concert for fans. She knows the heartbreak of her UK fans after the September 7 news that her appearance at the Long Road Festival (and Radio 2 event) was canceled.

The singer also knows that shows can be rescheduled. Her album “Cry Pretty” will still be released this week, and her loyal fans will be there when she is ready to come back. For now, ensuring the delivery of a healthy baby seems to be the top priority as she expands the family with her husband, Mike Fisher, and their three-year-old son, Isaiah.

NFL fans are spinning every which way on social media -- per September 10 reports from Fox News and other outlets -- because some find her new Sunday Night Football theme song “Game On" not to their liking.

More than a few disgruntled viewers are appealing to Carrie Underwood to revert back to the familiar song she started singing back 2013 -- “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.”

Dreams and difficulties

Much to their credit, the announcement of Carrie Underwood's cancellation by the Long Road Festival embraced grace and concern, expressing that “a speedy recovery” for the superstar mom was the primary concern.

The wording also conveyed that the cancellation was “forced." Aaron Watson replaced Carrie as the headliner. Watson hails from Texas and has similarly grounded roots in faith and family.

Carrie Underwood's playful Instagram announcement of her pregnancy last month delighted fans, with the camera panning out to reveal the inflated letters B-A-B-Y behind her.

The welcome news came with word that her CryPrettyTour360 would be delayed until May 1 of 2019 due to the happy news.

Carrie spoke of her longing for another child in a September Redbook interview but had concerns that being 35 might mean that she and Fisher had “missed our chance” to have more children. Divine intervention and timing had its own way of putting those doubts to rest, and over the next few months, the morning sickness should subside, too.

First “American Idol” and mom Kelly Clarkson was often very open about her queasiness onstage during pregnancy, warning devoted fans that she might be sick at any time. Carrie Underwood admitted to being self-conscious after her fall last November, admitting that the incident had shaken her confidence, along with requiring months of healing.

The singer related to “Today” anchor Hoda Kotb in May how she was returning to normal with every passing day. She was back in her element at the ACM Awards, and she will be back stronger than ever once Isaiah’s baby sibling arrives. There is still speculation over whether Carrie’s pink satin CALIA jacket signified the gender when she divulged the news.

Up to higher powers

When it comes to changing the SNF theme song, that decision is certainly beyond Carrie Underwood's control, and maybe even her pay grade. Many fans took to Twitter and gave “Game On” failing grades. Even the kinder responders who still expressed love for Carrie Underwood graded the effort a D+. The YouTube views are surging and comments are growing considerably more favorable.

Carrie still sounds great belting out this new chorus for “America's game,” going from a tasteful black and white dress to shimmery black hot pants -- before any baby bump was showing.

Maybe fans should focus on the fact that the game was great, with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers delivering a win despite problems that took the quarterback off the field. They will settle into the new song with time and should be singing along by the time Carrie Underwood delivers her second child. Fans can look forward to seeing the singer on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon this week.