Life changed in big ways for singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne since 2014. She fought her way back after waging a battle against Lyme disease, as well as after her divorce in 2015. Lavigne, now 33, stated, “I'm taking my life back into my own hands,” MSN reported on September 9. While music helped her heal, she also believes that she is meant to be doing this.

Though not eager to delve into her personal struggle with Lyme disease (which kept her out of the public eye while she fought her way back to health), the Canadian singer stated that relaying her experience with the disease is something she is determined to do in order to increase awareness.

She hopes to elevate understanding regarding the severity of Lyme disease. With her goal in mind, she cannot just leave it all behind, MSN noted.

Canadian Grammy nominee inspired country music superstar

Lavigne’s comeback has already inspired one star: Shania Twain. The aspect that moves Twain is that Lavigne is not allowing Lyme disease to become a roadblock to her future. Twain, a country superstar, definitely relates to the battle that Lavigne has had to wage against Lyme disease, according to CTV News.

Like Lavigne, Twain has fought the effects of the disease. Twain also had a lengthy break from the music scene while she battled her way back to health. While on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards on September 9, Twain explained that Lavigne is inspirational in the way that she's "going out there and carrying on, and not letting it get in her way," CTV reported.

Life had changes in store for Lavigne

After Lavigne’s health began declining in 2014, she divorced husband Chad Kroeger in 2015 following two years of marriage. If his name appears familiar, it is because he is also known for his music as a member of the group Nickleback.

While the Grammy nominee’s health was deteriorating, she did not receive an immediate diagnosis. The disease lingered in her body for several months by the time she actually knew what was wrong. Having lived through the experience of a tick wreaking so much havoc on her health and in her life, the singer is in an ideal position to share what frequently happens.

Singer candid about bug bite

She was actually misdiagnosed initially as having fatigue and depression, the BBC reported. In reality, however, an infected tick spreads the disease, which can cause people to feel as though they have flu-like symptoms.

In a touching letter to her fans that the singer posted on her website, she pointed out: “A single bug bite can f*** you up hard,” the Huffington Post quoted. The Avril Lavigne Foundation, which was launched prior to her own diagnosis, endeavors to inform people about Lyme disease and lend support to people who have the disease -- along with additional illnesses/disabling conditions.

While fighting the disease, Lavigne described feeling as if she could not breathe, talk, or even move.

She reached a point where she believed she was dying.

Her single “Head Above Water” (set for release on September 19) was written from her bed “during one of the scariest moments of my life,” People reported. She described feeling like she was dying. Lavigne said: “I felt like I was drowning.” While Lavigne sees the past years of her life as the “worst years,” she also acknowledges that she is proud of the music that came out of that struggle.

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