Brandi Glanville is excited about the addition of Denise Richards to the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Weeks after the casting news was officially confirmed, the former star of the Bravo TV reality star weighed in on what she was expecting to see from the actress and ex-wife of Charlie Sheen.

“I think [the cast] is going to be a lot of actresses, but I mean, isn’t everyone an actress then?” Glanville told People Magazine, according to a report from All About the Real Housewives on September 4. Glanville went on to say that while the series is a reality show, there are "a lot of actresses" on the couch.

"I think if [Denise Richards] can handle Charlie Sheen," Glanville continued, "she’s got to have some kind of drama in her.” Richards and Sheen were married for four years from 2002 until 2006. The former couple shares two daughters, including 14-year-old Sam and 13-year-old Lola and after their marriage ended, Richards adopted a third daughter, seven-year-old Eloise, in 2011.

Although Brandi Glanville doesn't know Richards personally, she said she and the actress have the same agent. So, while they aren't close, Glanville and Richards have met and Glanville said she's excited to see the "naughty side” of Richards on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9.

Could Brandi Glanville come back to 'RHOBH' for a future season?

As for her own potential return, Glanville told the outlet that she would need to have someone, such as Kim Richards in her corner before signing back onto the show. "It would be amazing,” the mother of two explained. According to Glanville, it wouldn't be fun exposing herself to her many co-stars who don't like her.

Instead, she would prefer to establish a group of friends she would feel safe around.

Continuing on to the magazine, Glanville said she's made amends with a number of her former nemeses on the show, including Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna. As for Lisa Vanderpump, however, they remain at odds.”

Denise Richards is ready for her new role

After confirming she would be a part of the new season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," which will air on Bravo TV sometime later this year, Richards took to her Instagram page, where she seemingly shared a photo of herself shooting the opening credits of Season 9. "Here we go," she wrote with the photo of herself standing in front of a green screen. "Gonna be a a fun ride.[sic]" A premiere date has not yet been set.