"General Hospital" spoilers indicate a troubling time in Port Charles for the Corinthos family this fall. They will be hit hard from all sides and possibly may not recover. Soap Hub states that Sonny will be dealing with the same two issues that have plagued him for the past few months. They are his father's declining health and the dead body underneath Charlie's Pub. Celeb Dirty Laundry offers more detail, teasing that the new district attorney may be the one to finally bring Sonny down and that Carly is going to be in shock. Margaux will go after the mob boss with guns a blazing, and it will be revealed that her agenda is just as much personal as it is professional.

Margaux will play dirty to get Sonny

The new Port Charles district attorney, Margaux Dawson, has already shown that she cannot be trusted. She is withholding the flash drive that holds Drew's memories of his early life. Like others before her, she is bound and determined to take Sonny down, by any means necessary. She has attempted to manipulate information from Julian, Drew, and Jason, but thus far has come up empty-handed. If CDL spoilers are correct, Ms. Dawson will even take advantage of Sonny's dad, who is dealing with Alzheimer's.

Mike saw Sonny kill a man in Croaton, and later dug up the dead body and buried it in Port Charles. Now, Julian's pub, Charlie's Place, is sitting right on top of the burial site.

Julian is planning to remodel his building, and Sonny, Carly, and Jason are frantic to stop him. CDL suggests that perhaps Margaux has some type of connection to the dead man, and that is why she is so determined to get the goods on Sonny. If spoilers are correct, then somehow, someway, this fall, all the pieces will fall together, and the Corinthos family will be in big trouble.

The Corinthos family may not bounce back

The Corinthos family has a full load right now and according to Soaps She Knows, things will only escalate in the future. Julian refused to sell his pub to Sonny and is trying to pump Mike for information as to what happened there in the past. Mike's memories come and go and he is becoming frustrated as his illness progresses.

Should he and his son be implicated in the murder, his condition could worsen, especially if he is called to testify. Spoilers say Carly is going to become distraught watching the new district attorney close in on her husband and father-in-law.

Sonny and Jason have escaped every trial and even had jail time reduced. CDL is hinting that this may be the time when they must pay for their crimes. Loyal viewers probably expect them to come out unscathed, as usual, and make Margaux look like a fool, but you never know how it will turn out. Carly, Sam, Brick, Spinelli, and all their resources may not be enough to get them off the hook. CDL and Soaps She Knows have promised additional spoilers on this storyline, so be on the lookout for updates. Make sure not to miss an episode of "General Hospital" by watching weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM ET.