Season 13 of “America's Got Talent” began back in May with thousands of hopeful performers from across America and the globe vying for the finals set for September 19. All eleven performers, in this week's semifinals, poured every ounce of passion possible into their stage presentations. Their passion and effort were so immense that it was impossible for the judges, or the audience not to be swept up in emotion, with so many golden buzzer choices competing. Sadly, the judges did not have a say in this September 5 vote tally, even in the final seconds.

The voting public had the power to put four “America's Got Talent” finalists through in the competition. The judges' vote came to a tie, so the final decision came to a very tense tiebreaker, strictly by the numbers, that brought tears for some very talented young singers, and a chance for a stable life for a young family. Simon Cowell made his vote known by standing tall.

Comedian takes an early lead

Before the first five minutes had elapsed, Tyra Banks announced that aerial performing couple, Duo Transcend, comedian Samuel J Comroe, and Voices of Hope children's choir were the three acts who would be awaiting America’s saving vote. The judges would then deliberate between the remaining two acts.

Very early on, the numbers started to surge for Samuel J Comroe, who makes every routine a statement on making lemonade out of every lemon in life, and the comic himself is his own greatest salesman. The anxiety was clear on the faces of Mary and Tyce of Duo Transcend, but it was especially wrenching to see the nerves multiplied in the yearning faces of the children in Voices of Hope, who consistently delivered the message in their name with each performance.

This night made a difference in so many futures, and already, new doors of opportunity are wide open.

Following a fun segment on the behind-the-scenes chaos that somehow forms into perfect choreography on “America's Got Talent,” the time came for the first finalist to be revealed. Us The Duo and close-up magician, Shin Lim, were summoned for the first verdict.

The charming expectant couple lost some luster this week from the judges with their original song, while Lim definitely impressed with his disappearing wonders. Shin Lim took the first vote forward to the finals. Heidi Klum compared the Boston magician to David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Houdini after being invited to see him work as closely as possible. Simon Cowell reminded him to not imitate Harry Houdini's last performance, which left him dead on stage. Shin Lim has nothing but a long professional life of performing ahead.

Getting to the numbers

The judges all joined in with Tyra Banks in playing a game of “America's Got Talent” past winners, whose names were captured in only emoji’s.

Mel B was triumphant in this competition, before Makayla Phillips, Michael Ketterer, and Amanda Mena was called for the next vote results. Each of these three golden buzzer singers had delivered “best ever” performances in the semifinals, definitely making an impression. Adoptive dad, Michael Ketterer, was called as the next finalist and had nothing but gratitude to his wife, his family, the judges, and America for this opportunity. Simon Cowell said there had not been a reply yet for his request for a song from Garth Brooks for Michael in the finals, but the contestant is not giving up, assuring that “dreams come true every day in this place,” and he is living a dream right now that matters so much to his special needs family.

Junior New System, Front Pictures, and aerial dancers, Zucaroh, were contenders for the last vote before the “save” vote, and this was a tough one to see. Both Junior New System and Zucaroh are talented and worthy performers, comprised of mostly youth. The talents of both groups likely will translate into better lives for the members and their families. Zucaroh has had the privilege of being the act that performed last on many occasions in the competition, and that makes an even more lasting impression, along with their dazzling abilities. Zucaroh made Tyra banks proud, taking their place as finalists in this vote, and there's no doubt that two, if not all three, of these acts, will find stages soon.

At last, the contenders for the save vote were called to hear their fate. Samuel J Comroe had kept his lead, and he was the fourth finalist to get the wonderful news, and he thanked all of his steadfast fans. The judges had to make a call between Duo Transcend and Voices of Hope. Heidi Klum voted first, choosing Voices of Hope. Mel B and Howie Mandel voted with Duo Transcend. “I'll stand with my choice,” declared Simon Cowell, walking from his judge’s chair to stand beside Voices of Hope. That left the final vote in a tie, and only exact numbers would give the final decision. Tyra Banks opened the envelope, and in the last seconds, Duo Transcend became the last finalist of the first five for Season 13.

Next week, the Korean musical sensation, BTS, will be part of the “America's Got Talent” entertainment for the last group of finalists voted onward in the competition. Hopefully, Garth Brooks will give a reply to Simon Cowell's request by then.