Stephen Colbert, 54 asked Minaj 35, why his name was not included in the list of men in “Barbie Dreams,” a song from her album Queen, the rapper was not found wanting and just for the talk show host added a new verse for him -: “I might f— Stephen after the show. He gonna come back to work with a magical glow.”

A stunned Colbert could only hide his face blushing red after the misdemeanor by Minaj. Regaining his composure, he was treated with another verse by the “Queen” rapper-“But when you see us, please (expletive) don’t stare/ just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert.

” Minaj finished her verse.

Incidentally a day before the release of “Queen,” the rapper had launched her own Beats 1 radio show, Queen Radio.

Minaj releases a new video

Nicky Minaj’s has released her Desert-Set Video for ‘Ganja Burn.’ The clip has been directed by Mert & Marcus and details the tale of a generous Queen seeking revenge against her foes.

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The singer also got into a heated argument with her former boyfriend on Twitter. Minaj’s ex-accused the singer of nearly killing him and how he had to lie to the police that he attempted suicide to save Nicky from criminal charges.

Minaj, 35 was not a miser in mincing words accused her former beau of coming begging to her door asking her to take him to Europe.

The singer accused her former boyfriend of stealing her Credit card and hoped God would strike him down.

History of Minaj

The 35-year-old rapper (née Onika Tanya Maraj) known for her outspokenness was born in Saint James, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and set foot on US soil when she was only 5.

She was raised in Queens New York and made no bones of the fact that she came to the US as an illegal immigrant.

She vehemently opposed Trump administration’s since-reversed “zero-tolerance” family separation policy. In a moving message, the rapper said that she had endured the trauma of having her parents stripped away from her at the age of 5 and it is very frightening.

This must end.

In May 2017, Minaj offered via Twitter to pay college tuition fees and student loans for around 30 of her fans. She appeared to have granted their requests, ranging from $500 to school supplies to $6,000 for tuition.

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