Disney has finally revealed the first images of the eagerly awaited live-action Mulan film starring Liu Yifei. Disney is going to bring the ancient Chinese tale to the big screen.

Disney announced on Monday that the production of the film has commenced and Liu Yifei (also known as Crystal Liu) will be playing the legendary Chinese warrior. The picture shows the Chinese superstar in a blood red robe and striking a fierce pose with a sword in hand.

Based Upon sixteenth-century poem

The flick is based upon a very popular folktale in China and is still today a part of the curriculum in Chinese schools.

The story of “Mulan” has been described by Disney as an epic adventure of a young Chinese woman who impersonates herself as a man and fights the Northern Invaders who attacked her country.

Facing an enemy assault of gigantic proportion, the Chinese Emperor decreed that one male member from every family in his kingdom must volunteer to fight the invaders. The young girl lived with her ailing father and to save him from the conscription masquerades herself as a male and confronts the enemy. She went on to become one of the greatest warriors in Chinese history.

Will Disney be second time lucky?

The flick is also based on the highly successful 1998 animated film made by Disney films. The animated movie was based on a very popular sixth-century poem, “The Ballad of Mulan.” The poster released by Disney also features the main protagonist striking an identical pose like the original animated character.

The animation film also featured Li Shang, a character who romanced the warrior but it is not sure if the flick will have that character. The animation film was hugely successful, and it needs to be seen if Disney is second time lucky

The movie also stars Jet Li, Gong Li, and Donnie Yen and Niki Caro will helm the film.

The makers of the flick searched for a year for the actress who will play the lead role before finalizing Liu.

Liu,30, is very popular in China and South Asia and is nicknamed "Fairy Sister" by her adoring fans because of her sweet image. She has acted in films like "The Forbidden Kingdom," "Outcast" and "Once Upon a Time."

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