"Bold and the Beautiful" offered up an excellent scene with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) in a lame attempt to step into a fatherly role. Bill's children have been whisked away from him in the past as their mothers did not want this self-absorbed man in their lives. Now Katie Logan (Heather Tom) is giving him a chance to have a relationship with his youngest son, Will Logan Spencer (Finnegan George), and he blows it.

Bill was either apprehensive or just too disinterested to make one overnight stay with Will work. When Katie asked Bill to take their son overnight Will didn't last long, he wanted to go home.

Bill didn't put much effort into keeping him at his house. Instead, he hightailed it to Katie's house with Will in tow. There was also a hidden agenda to his reluctance at keeping Will for the night as well. This is something the "Bold and the Beautiful" is good at.

'Bold and the Beautiful' Daddy Dearest

The "B&B" writers were sure to make it quite clear just how long it was since Bill has spent time with Will. They did this in a very ingenious way.

When Dollar Bill's fixation on Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) took over, he had no time for Will. Now that his ploy to get Steffy is seemingly over, Katie is pushing for Bill to have a relationship with Will. Both Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) mothers kept them away from their father.

Liam didn't know his father until he was a teenager for that reason. But Katie is giving Bill a chance to be a father to Will.

"Bold and the Beautiful" took the liberty of speeding up the aging process of this boy.

SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Age Syndrome) was used to age Will, originally played by Zach Achor. Zach is Heather Tom's real-life son.

So what ingenious way did "B&B" create to poke a little fun at themselves for this quick aging process of Will? It was rather funny to see Bill attempting to entice a much older Will with the toys and activities he did with his pre-schooler son Will.

Send in the 'B&B' Clown

Will's character is replaced by an older boy, Finnegan George. With that said, it looks like "Bold and the Beautiful" forgot to change the props as the toys are lagging behind in age for the new Will. It looks as if the folks behind the scenes poked a bit of fun at the SORAS event.

They did that by sticking Bill with toys for a little kid from yesteryears props. Then they had him attempting to entice today's much older kid to play with him. "He doesn't want to play cars," Bill whines to Katie. Bill couldn't look lamer as a father in this scene!

Dollar Bill gave a great demonstration of what not to do with a pre-teen boy who is into video games. One of the lessons learned was when a kid has his head buried in a gaming device you are going to have to tempt him with something better than "playing cars." Another quick tidbit Bill learned...

watching the stocks change on TV isn't a substitute for video gaming. Stocks ticking across the bottom of a TV screen isn't all it's cracked up to be for a kid.

It is hard to say what was more entertaining today out of Dollar's antics. Watching Bill attempt to entice his son by making noises rolling cars along the table was bizarre. Furthermore, it also showed just how out of touch Bill was with his son and the kid's age. But Bill's whining to Katie Logan (Heather Tom) that Will doesn't want to play cars with him was insipid. That had to take the cake.

Father of the Year Award...

It was easy to see that Bill knows absolutely nothing about being a father. After seeing him work on Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) it is safe to say he's not good with any age group.

Katie was having a romantic evening at home with Thorne Spencer (Ingo Rademacher) and the deal was Bill was keeping Will overnight, suggests TV Overmind. That didn't last long because Bill didn't know what to do with the kid. Will just wanted to go home to "mommy" and Bill was more than happy to make that happen.

'B&B' scene's hidden agenda

Bill's phone call to Katie telling her that Will wants to go home was answered by Katie telling him to buck up and act like a father. Bill brought Will home and spoiled the romance just about to get underway between Katie and Thorne.

This was also part of Bill's agenda by delivering Will to his mother.

Bill is a man who wants what he can't have and when he sees Thorne as a romantic interest to Katie he sets out to sabotage his ex. He was very territorial when it came to Katie on Wednesday's show. Thorne who ripped into him about his lack of fatherly qualities. Bill took it a bit further and made it quite clear that Katie was his family along with Will.

Blow-Hard Bill - Snuffs out Katie Logan's flame

Bill walking into Katie's house with Will and simultaneously blowing out the candles of romance was something to see. He told Thorne as he was doing this that his plans have changed now that the kid is home. Thorne was fine with that and didn't expect anything different.

He nonchalantly took a raincheck on the romance and kissed Katie goodnight before making his exit. This was probably the closest to a comedy scene that "Bold and the Beautiful" has attempted in a long time.

It was then the night got serious and both Katie and Bill were balling their eyes out. The tears flowed as Katie told Bill that he was a lousy father. Although she did warn him that he still had time to set things right. You can see that very emotional scene in the video below.

Soap Hub suggests that some past feelings the couple shared surfaced as the two did share a good cry. Katie was reminding Bill how he thought of his own father and she didn't want Will to look at Bill in that same way.

Bill really appeared to be struggling but was it his lack of bonding with his son that made him cry or Katie suddenly becoming Thorne's love interest?

'Bold and the Beautiful' - He wants what he can't have

Bill always wants what Bill can't have. The word "no" to Bill is just the sound of a starter pistol indicating a challenge is underway. That is why many of the "Bold and the Beautiful" fans don't see Bill abandoning his ploy to make Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) his wife.

Look at this antics when his ex Katie gets some romance going. He acts like an elderly spinster aunt who chases the beau away with a broom. While Bill didn't have a broom to swish Thorne out of the house, blowing out the candles set that same type of mood.

Bill has a small window of opportunity to make it work with Will. So will he go for it or continue to use the excuse his kid is not interested to relieve himself of his fatherly duties.

They don't call him Dollar Bill Spencer for nothing

It was easy to see that Bill thought he was a great father due to everything he has provided for the kid monetarily. But as Katie explained to Bill, the kid doesn't care about money, he needs to spend time with his dad. The old Bill would just keep supplying the material things and pat himself on the back for being a good dad.

Will there be a new Bill this time around? It is hard to see Bill Spencer on a father-son camping trip without someone there to set up a tent for him and build a fire. He would need someone to put the worms on the hook if he took his kid fishing.