Ryan Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer haven't always appeared to have the healthiest relationship on "Teen Mom OG" but according to a new report, producers often put them in tense scenes to create drama between them for the sake of the MTV reality show. “They asked them questions designed to create a dramatic response,” photographer Christian Cooper said of the couple's wedding during an interview with Radar Online on August 1.

“They asked about prior relationships. ‘How is this wedding different than your first wedding?’ Who asks that?" Cooper asked of producers, adding that the statements would have been upsetting to any bride on her special day.

During "Teen Mom OG," Standifer seemed to be frustrated as she prepared to marry Edwards after being faced with questions about her first marriage to ex-husband Zachary Stephens.

According to Cooper, Mackenzie Standifer couldn't get away with doing anything, and if she drank mimosas in the morning, she would have been slammed for being bad. As she explained, producers made scenes appear different than they actually were in real life. “MTV has no intention of making them a comeback story,” Cooper explained. “It was never going to be that for [Ryan and Mackenzie]. They’re the villains for 'Teen Mom.' That wasn’t going to change,” she added.

Ryan and Mackenzie's big day was tainted by producers

After Edwards, who was fresh off a stint in rehab for heroin addiction, was seen drinking beer and taking a shot before saying, "I do," with Standifer, he and Standifer proceeded to butt heads at their wedding reception as they engaged in a dispute over their finances.

The wedding was Edwards' second. As some may recall, Edwards nearly fell asleep on his way to their first wedding, which was attended only by his parents.

Ryan Edwards is facing legal drama after being fired from 'Teen Mom OG'

Just this year, Edwards has been arrested not once, but twice after allegedly violating his probation for a heroin possession charge that was given to him last year before he entered rehab.

Most recently, at the end of last month, Edwards was taken into custody and remained there for several days before being released on Tuesday morning.

“They’re doing good. They were just watching TV and hanging out,” Christian Cooper said regarding what Edwards and Standifer have been doing since their exit from "Teen Mom OG" and his release from jail.

"Teen Mom OG" is expected to return to MTV for season eight sometime this fall.