Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have been through a lot over the last year. It has been nearly an entire year since the two were married in a quickie ceremony before he was whisked off to a Texas rehab facility. Edwards was battling a heroin addiction, but that wasn't made immediately clear. “Teen Mom OG” fans had been complaining about his actions for a few seasons, but it was always swept under the rug. The truth finally came out only after it could no longer be ignored.

Rehab ripple effect

When “Teen Mom OG” showed the footage of Ryan Edwards driving to his wedding under the influence, the entire viewing audience was shocked.

The stars from “Teen Mom 2” also had stunned reactions to what was shown. Maci Bookout talked about knowing there was an issue with Edwards, which put a target on her back when it came to his family. Mackenzie Standifer said she didn't realize he was using and blamed Bookout for exploiting her husband.

In recent episodes, Ryan Edwards has been showing red flags again. He was hyper-focused on the amount of money Mackenzie Standifer spent on their wedding. The two had a formal marriage ceremony last fall after their quickie wedding in the spring. Edwards has had the same big eyes he had when he was using in recent episodes. Maci Bookout was still allowing him to see his son, Bentley, but under the supervision of his parents, Jen and Larry.

Teen Mom OG” fans have commented on the situation on social media, but Standifer has continued to deny there are any current issues.

Ryan gets arrested

It looks like another thing has sprung up for Ryan Edwards. According to Radar Online, Ryan Edwards was arrested at his home yesterday. It was a warrant for a past heroin charge.

Sources say he was picked up in the afternoon and bonded out several hours later. This could throw a wrench into his life again. While it is unclear if he has remained sober since leaving rehab, there are other things happening.

On Monday night's episode of “Teen Mom OG,” Mackenzie Standifer waved around a positive pregnancy test.

It was then confirmed the couple is expecting their first child together. They announced it during the reunion taping at the beginning of the month but kept quiet about it on social media because of the backlash they were expecting to face as a result of the news. With everything Edwards has gone through this year and this new arrest, things are going to be strained in his home life.