Launched in 2012, "Arrow" has become a mainstay on The CW. The series is based on the DC Comics character known as the Green Arrow. It was the starting point for a franchise that currently also includes "The Flash," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow." The collective series brought the network to levels it hadn't before reached. They have also been the source of controversy, such as the recent fan backlash against "The Flash." Now, attention has brought to the treatment of Stephen Amell, who plays the title character on "Arrow."

Amell said there was a disparity in pay

Despite being the top-billed star, Amell reportedly originally made significantly less money than his co-stars.

The actor recently discussed the matter in an interview with former "Smallville" star Michael Rosenbaum. This is fitting as it was "Smallville" that increased interest in Green Arrow, leading to the character's own series. Amell's contract situation was complicated from the start due to his Canadian nationality. Policies are in place regarding American TV Shows hiring Canadian actors. This usually leads to less favorable deals for the actors in question.

After that was settled, other issues would arise. Other cast members' salaries were noticeably higher than Amell's. The idea was based on Amell's workload being greater than the others. In theory, the longer hours would make up the difference in pay.

Yahoo reports that this practice isn't unheard of, even if it doesn't always work out how it was intended. The Netflix series "The Crown" caused headlines about a similar situation. Series star Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth II for the first two seasons. But she was ultimately paid less than her co-star, Matt Smith. Smith played the queen's husband, Prince Phillip, during the same period of time.

Syfy Wire reports that Amell's salary was eventually re-structured following the second season. It was later followed by a tense contract re-negotiation during the show's fourth season. Things were eventually settled and Amell has happily continued in the role.

It wasn't the only early dispute

During the same interview, Amell discussed another point of controversy - the treatment of the cast.

He detailed an event where he and co-star Katie Cassidy were made to work excessive hours. It ultimately led to a heated public confrontation with an unnamed individual working behind the scenes. Though unpleasant, the confrontation apparently had the desired result.