Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is less than two months away from its release. To keep the hype train going, the creators of Pokemon have been teasing the game bit by bit. The recent Nintendo Direct already showed us a lot of cool new features in the upcoming game.

To let us see more of the all-new Alola Region, Pokemon creators will be demonstrating the series in an upcoming event. When and where will they show the demo?

‘Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’ event

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will be having a live gameplay demo. According to the latest update, the live demo will happen at the Milan Games Week.

This will be a breath of fresh for the series as live gameplays for an upcoming Pokemon title usually happen in the United States or Japan.

It has also been revealed that the pokemon event at Milan Games week will showcase Shigeru Ohmori and Kazumasa Iwao of Gamefreak on centerstage presenting the demo. They are also said to feature a live fight with the developers using the upcoming game.

Not much is revealed about the Pokemon game demo. However, if the developers will be doing the same kind of demo like the one last year, we might just see more things than just a battle. The developers are expected to present the games’ other features and possible new places to explore. Aside from this, we might just see new Alolan Pokemon if there are any, and other changes in terms of the storyline.

New poster

Another game update this week is the promotional poster that has been circulating in Japan. Many Pokemon fans are very intrigued about this poster as it shows the characters in a very different way. Unlike all the past Pokemon games, this poster showed the characters with a more serious expression.

The poster stood out because unlike the first “Sun and Moon” promotional pictures, the characters are shown to be wearing a serious expression on their faces.

The protagonists are standing side by side as if they’re preparing themselves for a foe. Hau looks troubled on the side, and Gladion is shielding himself from something. Lastly, Lilie is seen with her version two outfit holding a Pokeball. This indicates that the girl might just become a Pokemon trainer in this game, a possibility that many fans are already looking forward to.

However, what really stood out in this poster is the appearance of new villains. On the top of the poster, you could see the shadow of four individuals. Judging from their outfits, they seem to resemble those of the Aether foundation. Are we going to have a different villain in this new timeline? More updates are expected to come out soon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is set to be released on November 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.