Now that Ashley Jacobs and Thomas (“TRav”) Ravenel are no longer an item, it appears that Ashley sought to make amends with Kathryn Dennis by posting an apology on Instagram on August 22, according to People, Bravo, and several media outlets.

Southern Charm” fans and followers know that Kathryn and Thomas have two young children, Kensie and Saint. After the duo parted ways, Thomas Ravenel, who is in his 50s, was dating Ashley Jacobs, 33. Ashley was far less than kind to Kathryn during the most recent season of the popular Bravo network reality show.

Ashley made some fairly jaw-dropping statements to Kathryn, such as stating that the young mom amounted to basically an “egg donor,” which was reported previously by Blasting News. After her breakup with TRav, Ashley, who is a registered nurse, felt regret over comments she made to the mother of her ex beau’s children.

No apology during reunion show from TRav's girlfriend

During the season’s “Southern Charm” reunion show, though, Ashley would not apologize for how she acted toward Kathryn, who is 27. Time and talks with her inner-circle of family and friends reportedly influenced Ashley to post a full-on apology to Kathryn, as well as to “Southern Charm” fans. At least, the impression she left followers with on Instagram indicates that Ashley had an epiphany but only after speaking with people who have children.

Fans on social media are split on whether Ashley’s apology to Kathryn is sincere

While Ashley’s apology could very well be sincere, it is falling flat or ringing hollow to many fans, especially viewers who have been team Kathryn while it seemed that Ashley and her ex, TRav, were not treating Kathryn very well at all. The cruelty appeared, at times, to be a tag-team approach between Ashley and TRav, with Kathryn fending for herself.

Within her apology posted on Instagram on August 22, Ashley acknowledged “disrespecting” Kathryn. She also admitted having “crossed a line” and hurting people “who did not deserve it.” Some fans believe that Ashley’s apology is genuine.

Instagram user @lisaducote commented: “So very impressed! Way to go Ashley!” User @lisabelenwrote: “You ARE human. A really beautiful apology.”

Other fans, however, did not buy it. User @jbarbie6 said: “Omg you are ridiculous! Fake, fake, fake, and dumb!” Meanwhile, some social media followers, such as @lcaldwell2016, questioned the delay: “A little too late don’t you think?”

Kathryn seems unfazed by Ashley’s public post, aside from finding it laughable

Since Ashley’s public apology is primarily intended for Kathryn, it is Kathryn’s take on the message that matters most of all. Judging by Kathryn’s response, it is safe to say that she found Ashley’s post lacking in sincerity. Her reaction was: “Are you kidding me?” (E!


Danni Bird, who has been a staunch supporter in Kathryn’s life, reacted to Ashley’s words of remorse by stating: “Do you think somewhere a village is missing its idiot?” When Kathryn heard Baird’s response, she got a good laugh from her friend’s statement.

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