There has been a flurry of back-and-forth speculation playing out in media about where former TLC reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin’s 14-year-old daughter Hannah is living. Though the couple has been divorced since 2009, the issue of the children’s custody has been a battle between the parents. Their custody dispute has recently resurfaced in media with the Gosselins’ differences as pronounced as when they first parted ways with each other and, then, with TLC.

Jon presented a live video on Instagram stating that his daughter is living with him permanently, Radar Online reported.

In the latest development, Radar stated on August 29 that the media agency obtained access to court records reflecting that the Gosselins’ daughter Hannah is living with her dad.

Kate Gosselin insisted Hannah is with her, suggesting Jon was lying

When Kate insisted that Hannah is most certainly living with her, publications such as Good Housekeeping and the Hollywood Gossip sided with Kate, claiming that Hannah’s mother had custody of all of the couple’s children. The Hollywood Gossip went as far as stating that Jon was lying, but backed off its original claim on August 28 in writing that the publication was not taking sides. (That is not how it appeared when Kate was alleged to be the truth-teller before Jon shared a photo of Hannah’s return to school.)

A Blasting News contributor recently reported news of each parent boasting of the Gosselin children returning to school, proudly displaying back-to-school photos on their separate Instagram accounts.

A photo Kate shared with her Instagram followers and fans depicted six of the Gosselins’ eight children. Missing from the photo were Collin and Hannah, two of the couple’s sextuplets.

Parents posting first day back to school photos conflicted with Kate’s claims

In was clear in the photo that Jon posted of his daughter on his Instagram account on August 27 that she was not wearing a school uniform and that the picture was taken in front of where he lives.

His caption intimated that Hannah was an important reason he included the hashtag “newbeginnings.”

The Gosselin’s son Collin did not appear in the conflicting photos posted by Kate and Jon. Collin is living away from his family in a facility. He reportedly has “special needs,” something Kate determined the world should know when she disclosed the information.

Based on current media reports, including one by Café Mom published on August 29, Hannah is living with Jon, but it was not without a fight waged by Kate. The condensed version of the court’s decision is that a judge ruled in favor of Hannah living with Jon. Kate contested but the judge didn’t budge.

Hannah is with her father

She missed a filing date, at one point, as well having as a lawyer who quit or was fired. Regardless, Kate believed the issue of custody warranted more urgent action by the court. Her thinking, however, did not alter the outcome. Hannah is with her father.

The timing of all the recent media accounts about the reignited custody battle between the Gosselins might seem suspect to many people.

Kate has a new TLC reality show in the works. The program’s broadcast date has not been announced and yet it will be called, “Kate Plus Date.”

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