Thomas Ravenel was cast for Bravo’s reality show “Southern Charm” several years ago. He’s been on the show since it made its network debut in 2014.

Despite his tenure, Ravenel took to Twitter on August 14 and tweeted that he would not return to tape the sixth season of Bravo’s popular program, which is set in the Charleston, South Carolina, area. He also commented that he was “not coming back.” Not so fast, though. Celebrity Insider reported on August 17 that the star was actually given the network’s proverbial “boot.”

Though Ravenel removed his August 14, tweet about quitting “Southern Charm,” too many publications saw, saved, and shared it within recent articles.

Not only did Page Six cover Ravenel’s tweet, so did People,

Newsweek and a plethora of publications. Whether he quit is, therefore, subject to debate. Regardless of Ravenel’s social media message, Radar Online was one of the first, if not the first, to state on August 14 that the Bravo star was “let go.”

Bravo star reportedly ‘let go’ after accusations of sexual abuse surfaced

Without doing a dance with semantics, “let go” is easy enough to grasp. It is euphemistic for fired, getting the heave-ho, or the boot. So while Ravenel, who is in his 50s, may wish to self-soothe with terms that mask what might have truly led to his departure from the show for the sixth season of “Southern Charm,” Celebrity Insider and additional media agencies attribute the breakup between him and Bravo to claims sexual misconduct leveled against him.

To be sure that the record is kept straight, it is important to note that no “Southern Charm” co-star has made an accusation about Ravenel acting inappropriately. According to Radar Online, Bravo excluded Ravenel from attending the cast reunion show for season five as an effect of having already fired him.

Accusations surfaced about Thomas Ravenel in 2015

According to a breakdown of events relayed by Celebrity Insider, Ravenel was accused by two women as the fifth season of “Southern Charm” was still being taped. One of the women alleged to police that Ravenel sexually assaulted her. She claims it happened in 2015. The woman also contends that Ravenel paid her $200,000 hush money.

The second woman who has made the allegation about Ravenel claims it happened when she was a nanny for his children. Ravenel reportedly attacked her while she was watching his small children, daughter Kensie and son Saint. On May 22, Daily Mail TV posted a YouTube video, stating that a third woman has also accused the reality star:

Bravo reality stars do not ‘quit’ while ‘locked into’ contracts

No one quits,” at least not a Bravo show reality star, according to articles by Reality Blurb and Radar Online. Reality show stars are “locked into” contracts with the network for several years. Whether Ravenel quit or was fired is now pretty much moot, since the outcome remains that he will not be appearing on “Southern Charm” during season six.

Media agencies also noted that the accusations against Ravenel are under investigation by the Charleston, SC, police. That Ravenel’s departure from the upcoming season of “Southern Charm” left him stating that the network “took advantage” of him did not escape fans and social media followers.

His claim that Bravo took too many liberties with the storyline involving him will be validated or prove unsubstantiated. Either way, Ravenel is not leaving the show on a high note.

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