Nicolas Cage will return to China as this year’s talent ambassador at the 2018 Macau Film Festival. He is also expected to walk the red carpet at the opening ceremony on December 8 and participate in a master class on December 9. His film “Mandy” will premiere at the festival. The festival will celebrate its third year this year.

Nicolas Cage makes a comeback in 'Mandy'

Cage attended the Shanghai International Film Festival this past June. This will mark his second trip to China this year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage will also join actor Jeremy Renner; who served as 2017’s talent ambassador.

Artistic Director Mike Goodridge praised Cage as a “Brilliant, iconic actor and a star for the ages. Goodridge also said: "We are proud and delighted to welcome him to Macau this year as our talent ambassador, and to show his extraordinary new film, Mandy."

Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok will join forces with Cage as the event's celebrity envoys this year. Organizers said the pairing reflects the festival's "ambition to bring together local and international industry professionals, to highlight Macau’s East-meets-West culture and to introduce local audiences to the best in international cinema."

In two interviews with SyFy and Entertainment Weekly, Cage said he channeled Jason Vorhees from the “Friday The 13th” films and admitted that the fight scenes (including the “Chainsaw Fight") helped rehabilitate his broken ankle that was injured on the set of “211” -- which he filmed before arriving on the set of "Mandy."

'Mandy' opens in theaters on September 14

Mandy” will open in North America on September 14, which will include a special pre-screening of the film on September 13 (the day before its official release).

A pre-recorded Q&A filmed live at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood on September 11 featuring Nicolas Cage and director Panos Cosmatos will be included in select theaters as part of a limited release run (and on-demand the same day it opens in theaters). It will also screen in theaters as part of a midnight run.

The film was shot in Belgium.

It received rave reviews at both the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. Film critics called it “disturbing,” “creepy,” and “hauntingly beautiful," with some even saying that this is “Nicolas Cage’s lifetime performance!”

Honoring composer Johann Johannson

The composer of the film's score (Iceland's own Johann Johannson) passed away of a drug overdose on February 9 this year.

His birthday is coming up on September 19, the same month that the film opens. Two tracks, "Forging The Beast" and "Children of the New Dawn" are now available on Apple Music and Spotify. The full soundtrack should be available after the film's release.