Paramount Pictures announced the release date for "A Quiet Place 2." The follow up to the massively successful horror film will be released May 15, 2020. The first film was originally written by Bryan and Scott Beck. Later, when John Krasinski was hired as the lead actor and director, he made a few changes to the screenplay.

Collider reported that Paramount approved of the film and had Krasinski star alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt. The film managed to gross $332 million worldwide, with a film budget of $17 million. Krasinski killed it behind the camera, creating a world in which Earth was plagued with aliens who can only hunt using sound, while also adding an emotional charge to the film.

A Quiet Place 2 sequel has been in the works for a while

When the announcement that a sequel was being developed, fans were left wondering whether Krasinski would be back as director. "A Quiet Place" producer, Andrew Form, told Collider that John Krasinski will be involved in the sequel. Form also said that the studio was not in a rush to "release a subpar" sequel to hit "a release date" but wanted to make sure their film would be as good or even better than the first film.

Based on Form's comments, fans are assuming that Krasinski and the producers have found a story worth telling. Fans are unsure whether the characters from the first film will return, or will the sequel introduce new parts of the 'Quiet Place' universe.

Krasinski has previously said that there are other characters he would like to explore in the future.

A Quiet Place sequel will ring in the summer movie season

Comicbook announced that with a May 15th release date, this puts the sequel "at the beginning of the summer movie season." During the month of May, 'A Quiet Place 2' will be facing off against an untitled Marvel film, and Godzilla vs.

Kong. Collider also noted that on the release date, Warner Bros is releasing "an animated Scooby-Doo movie," while Universal is also releasing "an untitled comedy."

News of the sequel was originally announced at CinemaCon last April, just a month after the first film was released in theaters. The sequel could either go the anthology route or tell the story of the survivors.

Paramount will need to work hard to get John Krasinski back to direct. Krasinski is currently booked with Amazon, starring in their new series "Jack Ryan" and is expected to be busy for the rest of the year.

Krasinski's directing style has been applauded by fans and critics for taking the thriller/horror landscape and creating a silent movie. Thanks to the success of 'A Quiet Place,' John Krasinski has now become known as the director who managed to take a $17 million budget and turn it into $300 million in a few weeks at the box office.