Jon and Kate Gosselin have been divorced since 2009. Following their divorce, their ongoing custody dispute continues to surface and make for gossip and plenty of room for rumors, as well. At question is the custody of the former couple’s daughter Hannah, one of the Gosselins’ 14-year-old sextuplets. The feuding parents appear to harbor mutually felt disdain. Fans, meanwhile, still question exactly who has custody of the Gosselin children.

The parents’ public bickering about custody currently affects one person more than anyone else, who both parties should be most concerned about: Hannah Gosselin.

For a long while, fans have expressed their recurrent curiosity about the former reality stars’ son, Collin, too. Thanks to Jon and Kate, the entire world knows that Collin, who is also one of the Gosselin sextuplets, has been living away from his family in a residential facility for the last two years.

Kate publicly disclosed son Collin has ‘special needs’

According to Café Mom, Radar Online, and Kate Gosselin, Collin allegedly has unidentified “special needs.” Does that surprise with his parents, given their public display of post-divorce contempt for one another? There is also nothing like violating his right to privacy about sensitive information he may not have wanted in the public fray.

Jon Gosselin is firm in his belief that he has custody of daughter Hannah, which Café Mom reported on August 24.

She has “only been seen” photographed with Jon, “in recent months,” according to Radar Online. He reportedly stated during a live video on Instagram that Hannah lives with him “permanently.”

"Difficult" best describes trying to determine whether Hannah actually lives with Jon or still lives with Kate. The Hollywood Gossip noted on August 22 that Kate’s “idiot ex-husband” lied when he said his daughter lives with him.

Media refute Jon’s claim that Hannah lives with him

Good Housekeeping is in the same ranks as Hollywood Gossip in refuting Jon’s contention about where his daughter Hannah lives. The magazine noted on August 24 that his ex-wife, Kate, has full custody of her children – the sextuplets, along with their older twin sisters, Mady and Cara.

Fans did find some relief in seeing photos Jon shared on social media in May. He posted a photo with daughter Hannah and son Collin. It was taken while the trio celebrated the teen’s 14th birthday. He noted that he was happy to be with his two children.

Kate sparked fans’ curiosity about the children by posting a photo

Jon is not the only one sharing photos of his children. Kate posted a photo on Instagram on August 23 of Mady and Cara, along with four of their younger siblings. Neither Hannah nor Collin were seen in the picture. The image was of the teens going back to school.

Mady and Cara, now 17, are high school seniors. Aeden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah are in the eighth grade.

That Hannah and Collin were not photographed with their siblings is what motivated fans to wonder where Hannah is living. Instagram user @daninicole_33, commented, “Not seeing Hannah is very sad,” adding, “she was Kate's helper always loved being under her mom.” Likewise, another account user (@a.v.a.xo) wrote, “It's none of my business, but where's Hannah????”

Kate is returning to reality television on TLC

On a lighter note, Instagram user @rioscarolyn, stated, “Aww i miss your show.” For fans who have missed seeing Kate Gosselin on reality television, she is set to appear in a new show entitled “Kate Plus Date,” according to Good Housekeeping. The program’s premiere date has not been announced, but the show will appear on TLC.

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