Just as many students return to school this season, the same holds true for the children of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Twins Mady and Cara are now senior high school students. Kate posted a back to school picture of the teens on her Instagram account on August 23. Though four of the Gosselin sextuplets also appear in the photo, Collin and Hannah are not with their siblings. Jon Gosselin, however, shared a picture on August 27 on Instagram of daughter Hannah going back to school. She is not with her siblings in the photo.

While the photo is lovely, it also raises doubt about whether Hannah actually lives with her father or with her mother, Kate.

Jon and Kate have an ongoing custody dispute that spilled into the public purview. Fans are as confused as ever about where Hannah lives.

Media tossed its weight behind Kate’s claim of custody

Good Housekeeping and Hollywood Gossip backed Kate’s claim that she has full custody of all of the Gosselins’ children, which Blasting News reported on August 26. With Jon introducing the new photo of Hannah for fans and social media followers to appreciate, the confusion continues to mount.

Regardless of where Hannah, lives, though, she appears okay, wearing a smile -- along with cute attire for her first day back at school. Jon, like millions of parents throughout the world, stated that he is “proud” of his daughter.

Jon relayed lengthy caption with photo of Hannah

Jon also penned a lengthy caption to accompany Hannah’s picture posted on Instagram on August 27. He noted her “fresh start,” as well as father and daughter having “worked really hard to get here.” He also mentioned that Hannah “made new friends all summer” and that she will “graduate with them.” Jon included the hashtag #newbeginnings.

A limited number of possibilities exist regarding where Hannah lives and which parent has custody. In addition, both parents could be telling the truth about their custody of the Gosselin children.

Kate might have full custody of the twins and the sextuplets. That said, Jon could have made arrangements with Kate for Hannah to live with him.

The Gosselin daughter appears to attend public school

If Kate does have custody of the eight Gosselin children while Hannah lives with Jon, it would be a situation comparable to Collin’s living arrangements. Collin is staying at a facility away from his family. He is “enrolled full-time in a program” related to unspecified “special needs,” according to Yahoo Celebrity.

The fact that Hannah is not wearing a uniform while standing “outside Jon’s house” is contrary to how her siblings appear in the photo that Kate posted, according to People. The 14-year-old might be going to public school.

Further insight might be revealed during Kate’s upcoming TLC reality show called “Kate Plus Date.” A premiere date has not been announced, however.

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