After years of development, there will soon be a new addition to the 'Die Hard' franchise, but this time its part-prequel featuring a young John McClane.The film will feature both a young version and the current version of the action hero.

Film executives are working to make it different from the "Live Free or Die Hard," film, which did not do as strong as they had hoped. MovieWeb reported that the project had been in the works for several years now, but development has been slow. Producer Len Wiseman has offered some insight into the film, while also confirming that Bruce Willis we be key in finding someone who will play the younger John McClane.

'Die Hard: Year One' will bring back a key McClane family member

Len Wiseman has also said that the new film will feature a young version of John's wife Holly. Holly was originally played by Bonnie Bedelia. Holly has not been seen in the franchise since "Die Hard 2." The other films featured other members of the McClane family including Lucy and Jack, who took the mother's maiden in order to distance themselves from John. Len Wiseman has also confirmed that there could be a possible reunion between the two characters.

According to Slash Film, Wiseman has also confirmed that a script has been written and the original idea for the film has not changed. Wiseman announced that the film will focus on present-day but show the ramifications of McClane's actions in the '70s.

Wiseman learning from 'Live Free or Die Hard' mistakes

"Live Free or Die Hard," has become one of the most frowned upon films in the franchise. Many fans were angry over the PG-13 rating and many thought McClane was no longer the everyman that the first film made him out to be. While some of the mistakes are on Wiseman, others are to blame.

According to Wiseman, studios used to greenlight Movies for release dates, before a script was finished.

Wiseman has also confirmed that "Die Hard: Year One" will happen soon but did not confirm a release date. Fans originally thought the next Die Hard film would be a way for Willis to retire from the role, and possibly just inserted into small scenes of the film.

However, Wiseman assured fans and the media that he was in the entire film.

With the use of flashbacks, a young John McClane is needed, and Bruce Willis now has the opportunity to find someone to fill his younger self's shoes. Wiseman did not say whether this was part of Willis' contract or not. Bruce Willis has also started promoting his new movie "Glass," which is part of the film trilogy that includes "Unbreakable" and "Split."