Josiah and Lauren Duggar picked Vienna, Austria as their honeymoon location due to Lauren’s love of the movie “The Sound of Music,” according to the Vienna Informer and People. Lauren, a fan of the movie featuring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, told People that she has “always wanted to visit” Austria.

She was not disappointed with the destination of their honeymoon, based on statements she relayed to People. Lauren said: “I’m loving all the scenery.” Traditional Austrian clothing, the culture, and the people have also impressed her.

Josiah is enjoying the destination as well, telling People: “It’s a beautiful place, with a beautiful wife.” Additionally, he said that they are “loving every minute” of their time together in Vienna.

He described knowing that he and Lauren intend to spend the rest of their lives married as “mind-blowing.”

For Lauren, her trip with Josiah to Austria has also solidified her belief that people of various cultures have a lot in common. She cited that all people, regardless of geographic location, want the same things, such as joy and happiness. Lauren added: “This trip makes me love people more and desire to deliver God’s love and care to people more than ever before."

Josiah teased fans with photos of honeymoon location on social media

Josiah and Lauren exchanged wedding vows on June 30 in a cathedral at John Brown University located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. From the time of their wedding, the couple has not been active on social media.

On their one-month anniversary, however, Josiah posted a teaser on his social media accounts. He shared two photos on Twitter and on Instagram with the same caption. He asked Duggar Family fans and followers: “Can anyone guess where we were here in these photos?”

While some Instagram and Twitter followers guessed Yellowstone, Yosemite, Iceland, and Australia, an Instagram follower using the moniker @katiekate021 stated: “Well, it’s not in Iowa.”

As many fans of the now-defunct TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” may recall, Josiah has quite a sense of humor.

It is not entirely unexpected that he would want his social media followers to guess where he and Lauren chose to travel after their wedding. When his older brother Joseph and Kendra Caldwell exchanged their wedding vows in 2017, for instance, Joseph acted as if he lost the wedding rings. When a guest handed over the rings, people realized he pulled a prank.

Lauren’s character attracted Josiah

Though fans of the Duggars attempted to guess the honeymoon location, everyone now knows that the newlyweds traveled to a destination based on one of Lauren’s favorite movies. It is apparent as well that Josiah saw Lauren's depth in addition to her beauty, as he put it.

In the past, he told People that her focus on people other than herself, her outgoing and encouraging disposition, and her character are traits that he found attractive.

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