Farrah Abraham granted the “The Cruz Show” (Power 106 FM) an interview that was broadcast on August 2. During the interview, the hosts were playing match-maker between Farrah and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, according to OK! Magazine. Farrah’s nine-year-old daughter, Sophia, was with her during the question-and-answer segment about whether the former MTV reality television star is familiar with the rapper Tekashi. She responded, “Yeah.” Additionally, Ryan Edwards faces time behind bars after the latest drug arrest, with a baby boy on the way.

Farrah, who works in the adult entertainment industry since parting ways with MTV, acted naïve when she flipped the script and asked the hosts about the rapper’s moniker, “6ix9ine.” Farrah actually avoided one of the host’s questions about whether she thinks Tekashi is attractive when she became distracted after discovering his dog on an app she was perusing with daughter Sophia.

The mother and daughter fawned over Tekashi’s puppy that Farrah spotted on her hand-held device. She told the hosts, “Me and Sophia so want to hang out with his puppy.” One of the hosts told Farrah that he thinks Tekashi “is the guy” for her. She said, “I would actually probably like him.” Her basis for the statement is that “he’s different.”

Farrah shared interview, posted on social media she is ‘blessed’ dating

Farrah posted a video of her interview on her social media. She also included a caption on her Instagram account about dating, stating that it is a blessing and a curse. Additionally, she noted, “I’ll keep being blessed.”

Having stated that she knows who Tekashi is, sharing her interview from “The Cruz Show,” and posting a message about being blessed in dating on her social media, it appears that Farrah is open to dating Tekashi.

Tekashi, whose legal name is Daniel Hernandez, pleaded guilty in 2017 to multiple felony counts of using a 13-year-old girl in sexually explicit videos.

Court documents and media outlets, such as Oxygen and XXL Magazine, denote that Hernandez pleaded to three felony counts, which entail too much graphic detail to cite in entirety. The teen girl, however, was nude in portions of three videos that were used as evidence against him. He appears in at least one video touching the girl inappropriately.

Whether Hernandez uses his legal name or a different name, the person who admitted guilt to felony charges involving a minor age girl is the same: Tekashi, Tekashi69, and Teka$hi 6ix9ine. He was 18 years old when the offenses occurred.

Farrah alarmed fans posting provocative videos of her daughter online

While Farrah might make decisions that seem to evolve from her take on parenting, she alarmed fans and followers aby videos she posted of her daughter on social media in the past few days. Like the court documents involving Hernandez, the videos featuring her minor-age daughter are not appropriate to detail, except to say, a mother should know better than to facilitate a young girl acting and dressing provocatively, according to her Twitter followers.

There is a serious lapse in judgment when a parent also fails to check out who she (or he) may date and have around children. Regardless of the spin Tekashi (Hernandez) puts on the criminal case against him, he is on probation under the plea deal. If he violates the terms of his probation, he can face up to three years in prison and be mandated to register as a sex offender.

Farrah has not removed videos of daughter from Twitter, despite fans’ outrage

The negative responses the videos Farrah posted online of her daughter by far outweigh the sparse number of positive reactions that the videos have received. With one of the videos of Sophia that Farrah shared on her own Twitter account, user @LeslieKraft10 tweeted CPS should intervene and “take this child!” The user further stated, “It’s a shame our system allows a parent to do this to a child.”

Another Twitter account holder, who saw the videos of the little girl, tweeted that Sophia “is going to be messed up for life.” It is evident that such responses have not motivated Farrah to contemplate the messages and remove the videos.

Twitter user @teenzsmith6gma1 posted, “No words just shock.”

Social media users get it. It appears that there is no extreme that the former MTVTeen Mom” star will not stoop to in order to propel her endeavors, even when it includes exploiting her daughter. Additionally, teen mom Amber Portwood celebrated an anniversary with boyfriend Andrew Glennon in Malibu.

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