With LaVar being the head of the family, LaVar is the star of his own Reality TV show. In this episode, LaVar is not seen once throughout the whole episode, and neither is Tina, Melo or anyone else in the Ball family other than Lonzo and Denise. With the baby coming soon, Lonzo goes to Cabo with his friends and Denise goes to New York with her friends.

Viva La Mexico

Before it gets real as Lonzo puts it, he and his buddies decided to go on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With him, he brings DMO, Gelo, KP, Milan, John, Harrison (his and Gelo's agent), Josh (Lakers trainer), B Jones and a few others.

When they first got there, he told John he would give him $100 if he jumped in the ocean which John did. For dinner, they decided to go to a restaurant on the beach which resulted in one of the guys falling out of his chair. When looking at the menu, Zo thought a meal that the restaurant serves cost $385 until Gelo told him that it's in Pesos which 385 Pesos are equivalent to $20.51.

After dinner, the guys headed over to a club which had lots of people there with loud music playing in the background. Since they were there, they had BBB logos on the screens in the club. The boys seemed to be having a good time at the club. While in Cabo, they also went jet skiing, horseback riding and had paintball battles.

In Cabo, Gelo was seen putting his foot in a bucket of ice as his ankle is still sore from when he tweaked it in his workout with the Warriors. With Harrison on the trip, Harrison decides to talk to Gelo about his draft situation and told him that he knows that Gelo is good enough for the NBA but told Gelo that he can still get to the NBA even if he doesn't get drafted.

He explained how everyone has a different journey to the NBA and that Gelo just has to find his own. Gelo said that he's fine in the long run and says that everything is going to work out.

While on the trip, Zo heads to the gym with Josh, the Lakers trainer who he brought on the trip with him. Zo is seen running the treadmill backward and lifting weights.

While in Cabo, Zo's name has been swirled around in trade rumors.

In this episode, there's a recording of a sports analyst that says that no one on the Lakers should feel 100 percent safe as anyone could be traded in order to try and lure LeBron to the Lakers. Zo says that no one is ever 100 percent safe and that there are trade rumors every off-season.

New York, New York

While Zo was in Cabo with his friends, Denise is in New York with her friends. With her, she brings Khalia, Maddie, Izzy and her sister Dayna who are 18 months apart from each other. Denise said that she brought her sister with her on the trip as she wants to get closer to her since they aren't tight.

When they arrive and settle in the room, Denise gets a gift from her friends which is a robe that says "Momma." Denise said that the robe made her more excited to be a mom.

While in New York, Denise and her friends go and make their own pizza which is something that Denise has wanted to do. While waiting for the pizzas that they made, Denise found out that her sister got a lip tattoo that says "$avage." This came to Denise's surprise as she had no idea that her sister got a tattoo.

While at a restaurant, Denise reveals to her friends that she's probably going to get an epidural. While talking about the baby and her pregnancy, Dayna says that she feels like Denise is doing all the work and that Lonzo isn't doing anything with the baby.

Denise told Dayna that she feels like she has to do all the work as it's tough to work around Zo's schedule and Zo also needs to get lots of sleep.

Denise said that she isn't surprised that Dayna asked her that as Denise stated that Dayna doesn't understand that Denise and Zo's relationship is different from others.

Next episode

After the "Ball in the Family" episodes on Facebook Watch, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode 13, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, the JBA season gets underway, Lonzo and Denise prepare for the baby and NBA draft day is here with all eyes being on Gelo.