The Brown Family is known for their plural marriage beliefs and lifestyle presented on TLC’s reality showSister Wives.” After the family relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Flagstaff, Arizona, the family patriarch Kody Brown assessed his family’s new locale.

Kody stated to the Associated Press that Flagstaff is “heaven,” yet the task of unpacking and organizing means that the family is “in living hell” right now. The Browns rented homes in Arizona, Page Six reported. To make the move from Nevada, the Browns needed four moving trucks during triple-digit temperatures of Las Vegas in July.

Flagstaff’s scenery and climate led Browns to move from Vegas

The scenery and climate of Flagstaff attracted the Brown family. In addition, Kody reportedly stated that he and his four wives did not want to grow older in Las Vegas, according to Page Six. Kody’s assessment is that there are “a lot of hippies” in Flagstaff but they are “awesome.”

Before making the move to Arizona, Kody and his wives Meri, Jenelle, Christine, and Robyn did contemplate returning to Utah, which is where they lived prior to Nevada. In considering where to live, the Browns determined that Utah has not changed “enough” for them, reported KTVN.

Las Vegas was ‘exile’ from Utah, not home for the pro polygamous family

While living in Utah until 2011, the family feared prosecution.

In Nevada, the Browns’ children reportedly “thrived.” However, as KTVN pointed out, Las Vegas served as “exile” and did not “feel” as if it was their home.

The Browns do not live a full-blown polygamous lifestyle.

They can’t. Polygamy is not legal. Instead, Kody has a spiritual connection and bond with each of his wives, as he described in episodes of “Sister Wives.”

One of the best-known religions in which polygamy was widely practiced was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The lifestyle was embraced by many fundamentalist Mormons, which is how the Browns have self-identified.

However, as the Salt Lake Tribune (SLT) pointed out, the practice of polygamy has been booted from the religion since 1890.

Arizona police are not looking to pursue charges against the Browns

Flagstaff authorities will not pursue charges against Kody or his wives. There is only one legal marriage between the five adults. He is married to Robyn. The two married after he and former wife Meri legally divorced so that Robyn’s children from a previous relationship would have the same benefits as Kody’s additional children.

In moving to Flagstaff, the Browns rented four homes. Their current living arrangements are not permanent. Kody and his wives aim to do similarly to their lifestyle approach in Las Vegas.

They reportedly spent $820,000 for roughly 15 acres, where they want to build a shared home or a home for each woman and her children, SLT noted.

Flagstaff-area residents do have some concerns that the area could be viewed as “circus-like” with the filming of “Sister Wives.” TLC producers, however, assure that filming will not mean that streets will be blocked by fans causing traffic gridlock. Filming is set to happen within the Browns’ homes for the most part.

The eighth season of TLC’s “Sister Wives” is slated for its premiere in January. Until then, be sure to follow Blasting News for updates about the Brown family and for the latest information.