The latest updates and spoilers for the "Arrow" TV series revealed new details for the seventh season of the superhero-themed show. The show's main star Stephen Amell answered several comic book questions related to season 7 at the Motor City Comic Con event. He teased that his character, Oliver Queen, will likely sport his signature goatee look from the comics.

Amell added that Oliver would also ally himself with Tyler Hoechlin's version of Superman in a crossover episode or a guest role. The seventh season of the show will likely see Oliver survive in prison after he defeated Richard Dragon and saved Star City, but it cost his freedom and outed himself as the Green Arrow.

Oliver's classic look teased

According to ComicBook, Amell stated that Oliver Queen might sport his classic goatee in season 7. However, he warned fans that it might not be a permanent look for him after he comes out of prison and returns to Star City.

The goatee look has been synonymous to the Emerald Archer in the comics but has not been properly inducted into Amell's take on Oliver Queen in the show. Of course, comic book fans already saw the bearded look of Oliver during an episode of "Legends of Tomorrow" when the Legends traveled to Star City in the year 2046.

Still, Oliver having his goatee on his own show could be a treat to the comic book fans who have watched "Arrow" since the first season.

Since he will be serving a life sentence after his identity as a vigilante has been exposed to the whole world, there will likely be a time skip, and fans might see Ollie with a different look at the start of season 7.

Green Arrow/Superman team-up

Amell also stated during the Motor City Comic-Con event that he would love to see the Green Arrow team-up with Superman from the "Supergirl" TV series.

He praised Hoechlin's portrayal of the Man of Steel and would like to work with him someday.

"I thought that Tyler did a good job, and I had the opportunity to fangirl over [Smallville star] Tom Welling," Amell said. "I would love for Oliver and Clark to meet eventually. Think that would be incredible."

Oliver has already teamed-up with Clark's cousin, Kara Danvers/Supergirl, twice in the "Arrowverse" crossover, and it will be fun to see how he will react to another alien, who is more powerful than Kara.

Amell previously teased that Batwoman will make her live-action appearance in the new crossover event as he travels to Gotham with Supergirl and The Flash.