TLC’s “Little People, Big World” star Matt Roloff created an Instagram post with a photo and caption on July 30 that has caused quite a stir of excitement among fans and followers. Radar Online published an “exclusive” the next day (on July 31), stating that Matt’s daughter-in-law, Audrey, is pregnant with her second child.

Radar Online's sources include someone who is reportedly close to Audrey, as well as her father-in-law, Matt. Radar Online wrote that Matt dropped the scoop, giving the impression that the couple is expecting their second baby.

Audrey and Jeremy already have one child, a daughter they named Ember. The little girl is 10 months old.

Fans think Matt Roloff's Instagram post means Audrey is pregnant

The source who Radar Online relied on (in breaking the pregnancy news) asserts Audrey and Jeremy “surprised” the Roloff family with the news. Pop Culture attributed a social media post by Matt for also heightening the spread of information that many fans and followers think means Audrey is having baby number two. It was recently revealed that Matt, himself, spent two years in the hospital as a boy.

Matt shared a photo on his Instagram account featuring his granddaughter Ember with her parents, son Jeremy, and daughter-in-law Audrey, seated on a tractor.

His caption is the aspect garnering so much attention. Matt noted that it was what he called “a crazy day.” Where the message turned cryptic and left his caption subject to interpretation is his additional text, stating that while he “could explain,” he wasn’t going to do so. He noted verbatim: “better to just leave it at that.” Enter speculation.

He also said that he was going to sleep “a happy grandpa.”

An excited Matt took photo he could not wait to share online

Radar Online's source, reportedly close to the family, explained the photo, by saying that Matt was overly excited and couldn’t contain his joy following the pregnancy news that Jeremy and Audrey shared. He took the photo and posted it to his Instagram account not long after hearing that the couple is expecting their second child.

Audrey and Jeremy have not issued a public announcement and they have not verified Radar Online's account, or that they are expecting, the Hollywood Gossip reported. Whether the couple is having another baby, they will not be as visible as they were before Ember’s birth in September 2017.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on break from reality television

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff decided to break away from reality television, meaning “Little People, Big World,” which Jeremy shared on his Instagram account earlier this month. Based on the timing of Jeremy’s announcement, Radar Online's report, and Matt’s Instagram post, many people are thinking that all things combined lend credence to the news that Audrey is pregnant.

As many fans remember quite well, Audrey experienced some emotional and physical difficulties after giving birth to her daughter. If the couple did know in early July that she was pregnant, as many people believe, fans and followers understand. The couple may wish for more privacy during a second pregnancy.

Everyone will surely know, in time, if Audrey and Jeremy are having another baby. Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates about “Little People, Big World” and for the latest information.