"Little People, Big World" fans know that Matt Roloff suffers from a form of degenerative dwarfism. But they may not be aware that he suffered separation from his family and the pain of multiple surgeries because of his condition, as a child. In Touch Weekly noted that he discussed some of the trauma on the "Reality Life with Kate Casey" podcast. He certainly was not looking for sympathy - that would be out of character - but he explained he had to toughen up as he spent two years in hospital.

There are different types of dwarfism but they can all make life hard for people with the condition.

Matt wrote on the udprogram.com website, that he has the Diastophic Dysplasia form of dwarfism. The government website, Genetic Home Reference, explains that there is a problem with the way the body forms cartilage and converts it to bone. They add that people with this condition most often are short in height "with very short arms and legs." Sadly, they can suffer from joint pain...and joint deformities...which restricts movement. Sometimes they get clubbed feet. Their joint problems often make it difficult to walk and tend to worsen with age.

Matt Roloff and his brother Sam were both born with dwarfism

Matt and his brother Sam were both born with the same condition. Matt talked about how it was hard to be away from his parents so much.

In those days, he said, that was just "the way they did things." Kids were in the hospital and the rest of the family didn't get to see them all that much. He said that it made for a "rough childhood." He had "15 surgeries as a child." To help pass the time and keep his mind focussed he got into activities like chess, checkers, and lego.

The Hollywood Gossip noted that Matt, the patriarch of the "Little People, Big World" Reality TV show "spent over 700 days in hospitals back then, undergoing various corrective surgeries and procedures." Despite that, he still finds it hard to get around and uses crutches. But he's pretty handy with them. With his grandkids Jackson and Ember around, Matt spends as much time as he can with them.

'LP, BW' is more than just another TV Show Matt points out

Fans of "LP, BW" may think the show is another interesting story about unusual people (Like the Duggar family with their religious lifestyle and love for babies), but it's more than that. On udprogram.com, Matt explains how he and his ex-wife Amy, who also has dwarfism, took their 34-acre farm in Portland, Oregon and made it into a popular tourist attraction. The show followed the family through the years and still does. It was not all about fame and money and being celebrities. The bottom line is that they're able to educate "the World on Dwarfism".

His revelations on the podcast will, obviously, make fans worry for baby Jackson, the son of Zachary and Tori.

Zachary has the same type of dwarfism as his mum, Amy. When Zach and Tori found out Jackson would suffer from his condition, In Touch noted that he said, “You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two.”

Matt had a recent surgery on his neck

Matt had a more recent surgery on his neck. In 2016 the operation was a hard call for him because it could have ended up in him being paralyzed. But at least he did not have to go through it all alone. His expanding family was there for him. Fans of the reality TV show love to see how the family face life in a big world. It really does help people to understand more about the condition.

In less enlightened years little people were often viewed as cute clowns in the circus. Not anymore. We now know they are strong people and their determination makes their spirit grow taller than the trees. You just have to admire that.

What do you think about Matt Roloff growing tough through so many surgeries? How would you feel about being a parent like Matt if you spent so much time away from your own mom and dad as a child? Check back with Blasting News often for more news and spoilers about "Little People, Big World."