Sony Pictures Entertainment streamed a new trailer for the live-action "Venom" movie on July 31, 2018, and it featured Tom Hardy's character, Eddie Brock, forming a bond with his alien symbiote as they work together to fight criminals and stop another symbiote monster, Riot.

The film will be part of Sony's Spider-Man spin-off projects, and it will be separate from Tom Holland's web-slinger from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story will center on Eddie's investigation on the Life Foundation, a global pharmaceutical company that is rumored to be doing illegal experiments on human beings using alien lifeforms.

Eddie and the symbiote working as one in the new 'Venom' trailer

According to Screen Rant, the new "Venom" trailer is the same video that Sony showcased at the San Diego Comic-Con event. The video starts off with the introduction of Eddie Brock as he tells his story about his involvement with the Life Foundation's conspiracies and how he got his alien symbiote.

Eddie has been investigating the company for months, and he ends up in one of their labs. Inside, he saw the humans who are infected by the alien lifeforms. He managed to escape the facility but soon discovers that one of the aliens got out with him. Eddie starts hearing voices in his head as the Venom symbiote begins to take over his body, giving him superhuman abilities such as self-healing, shape-shifting, and enhanced strength.

Both Eddie and the symbiote are being chased by the Life Foundation, and they must work together to stop them. Venom in the movie will also have a cannibalistic appetite as he threatened to eat his opponents, much to Eddie's disgust and horror.

The new trailer also revealed Riz Ahmed's character, Carlton Drake bonding with his own symbiote and transforms into Riot.

The trailer ends with Venom biting off the head of a mugger as Eddie coyly leaves the convenience store.

Enter Riot

Riot's appearance in the movie is different from his comic book counterpart as his skin color is silver instead of pink-violet and can turn his arms into blades similar to Carnage. IGN reported that the Riot symbiote was originally bonded to Trevor Cole, a security expert at the Life Foundation, but in the live-action movie Carlton Drake will bond with it and fights Eddie in a savage stand-off.

Carlton Drake believed that the bond between human and alien would unlock the human race's potential and evolve into a new species. However, their experiments turned them into monstrous psychopaths thus, making them a huge threat to humanity.