Last night's episode of "Little People, Big World" was extra special for its fans. Finally, the show revealed how the Roloff Family welcomed its second grandchild--Jeremy and Audrey's baby Ember Jean. Read on for our full recap!

Amy Roloff went off on a trip with boyfriend Chris Marek. Near the time of Audrey's supposed due date, grandma Amy decided to go on a motorcycle trip with her new beau Chris Marek. However, their road trip almost ended up in a disaster as the two got into a frustrating fight.

On a stop for dinner, Chris suddenly left Amy without a word and did not come back for a while.

Amy was left at the table all alone and clearly upset.

"I was so mad," the 53-year-old reality star admitted in a confessional.

Chris later explained that he just stepped out to talk to his friends, and the couple quickly made up. Amy said she's thankful that the incident taught them the importance of trust and communication. She mulled over how she and Matt Roloff did not really communicate when they were married, which eventually led to their separation and divorce.

Matt Roloff launches new book

Back at the Roloff Farms, Matt was busy preparing to launch his new children's book, "Little Lucy, Big Race." He dedicated the book to his first grandson, Zach and Tori's baby Jackson. Like him, Jackson was born with dwarfism.

Matt's book hopes to encourage kids to overcome difficult challenges. Zach, Tori, and baby Jackson all showed up during Matt's book launch at the farm to support the "LPBW" patriarch.

Audrey Roloff gives birth

It's eight days past Audrey's due date, and the 26-year-old first-time mom was clearly getting anxious, and not to mention, exhausted.

Audrey is hoping for an all-natural, unmedicated childbirth, but she's worried that if she doesn't go into labor soon, her birth plan will not be thrown off track.

"LPBW" matriarch Amy Roloff comforted her daughter-in-law and assured Audrey that her baby girl is simply taking her own time.

"She's on her own time. Oh, I like that, she's gonna take after grandma," Amy told Audrey.

Finally, at 2:30 in the morning, Audrey called out in pain for her husband Jeremy. Her labor had officially started. The couple rushed to the hospital and Audrey insisted on following her birth plan. She bravely went through contractions without an epidural or any painkillers. Audrey described the pain as "taking a chainsaw to your stomach."

A few hours later, Jeremy and Audrey welcomed their daughter. Ember Jean Roloff was born at 9:40 AM on Sept. 10, 2017, weighing 7.13 lbs. and measuring 20.25 inches long.

This was truly a heart-warming moment for the Roloffs. After Ember's birth, everyone--including Matt and Amy-- settled their differences and to got together for this wonderful milestone.

"Little People, Big World" airs every Tuesday, 9 p.m. on TLC.