Radar Online is speaking out and sharing about something that Matt Roloff shared in his book back in 1999 that a lot of people don't know about the reality star. Matt actually had an issue with drugs. This problem was clear back in the 1980s and Matt has moved on since then to clean up his act.

What drugs did Matt Roloff have issues with in his past?

Matt Roloff actually shared that he started smoking things he shouldn't smoke and it moved on to harder things like cocaine. He admits that he tried things harder than he should have and that he enjoys trying new things in life.

Matt explained that he thought he could just try it and then get out of it, but it wasn't that easy for him.

Matt said his heart would pound, but he kept taking the drugs and it even made him curious if the size of his body made it harder on him than a regular person. He didn't only have a drug problem, but it turned into debt because of the drugs.

How did Matt get past it all?

There was one thing that Matt Roloff did that helped him out and that was he turned to God. Matt made it sound like this was the thing that saved him. There was a lot of stuff that came into play at the same time, though. Matt went to meetings, he quit his job and started over and he also got rid of some things that were negative influences in his life.

Matt's grandma helped with manage his finances so that he could get out of debt. Obviously, Matt is doing so much better now with his money.

Since the fans have got to know Matt Roloff on the show "Little People, Big World" they have never seen this side of him. Matt does his own thing and drugs isn't part of that at all. He was arrested in 2007 for a DUI, but other than that it seems like Matt Roloff has stayed out of trouble.

Right now, he is very focused on being a good father and a grandpa as well. Matt and Amy Roloff now have two grandchildren. They aren't together anymore, but they still work together.

Matt Roloff's past is pretty surprising to everyone, but he is proof that you can make it past it all and move on to be a better person. It is really impressive that Matt has been able to get his life together and become such a success.

Are you shocked to hear that Matt Roloff has a past with drugs? Does this change your opinion of him? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss the new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC. It is going to be a whole new show when you add in the new grandchildren and everyone can't wait to see Amy and Matt as grandparents.