"90 Day Fiancé's" Danielle Jbali spoke out about the cheating scandal that got her up and furious with Mohamed. She spoke to In Touch Weekly about the big bust-up drama that followed her marriage to the Tunisian, and the resulting divorce. Followers of "90 Day Fiancé" know the couple married and were off to live their new life together. But Mohamed stayed faithful just long enough to get his green card and then allegedly took off on a cheating mission. Danielle was suspicious and went off to do some of her own investigations.

Danielle investigated her husband through social media

Danielle told all to In Touch Weekly this week and explained how and why she was suspicious. According to In Touch, Danielle said that she messaged women on social media to ask them straight up what was going on. At least one person did respond back after a bit of time, saying, "Look, if I was married to this person, I would want to know the truth." She then admitted to messaging him and even sent him money. They were planning a business deal up in Canada.

That made her so mad, and she continued her investigations, thinking she had been duped into a marriage fraud. If she could prove it, then Mohamed would get deported back to Tunisia. Danielle was determined to prove he just came into the country to get his green card. Anger makes people do things they wouldn't usually do, and maybe she earned that "crazy ex-wife" reputation.

Fans will recall that she got a lot of bad comments on her Instagram. Many people accused her of being really dumb for not seeing Mohamed for what he was.

More to the story of the Mohamed marriage and divorce

Whether she was dumb or not is beside the point now. Danielle smacked back her haters on Instagram and then opened up to In Touch.

There's more about the story and she's determined to have her say. One example is the argument and street shouting match. She explained that TLC didn't show everything about the incident. According to Danielle, there was another person in the place and they wouldn't leave. That's why she took her private business outside.

The worst part about the person who wouldn't leave was that Danielle thought she was her friend.

The woman was a new friend she found on Facebook. According to In Touch, that friend turned out to be friends with Mohamed as well. When Danielle went to the Miami apartment, she discovered the friend had been visiting Mohamed. Feeling betrayed, she let rip.

Fans hit the nail on the relationship long back

Damage control is all Danelle can really do now. In fact, fans were very critical of her for going through with the sham. During the show, Danielle insisted Mohamed loved her, and it was obvious she was in love. Now she's been left looking a little wild and unstable. But the truth is, she is probably feeling like a bit of a fool. She will obviously be devastated. But judging by her candid honesty with In Touch, and her latest Insta posts, she is trying to get some closure and make something positive out of a really bad experience.

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