Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester of "90 Day Fiance" have been through their ups and downs, but now it looks like the couple is doing great and the fans are wondering if they are actually getting married. The Hollywood Gossip shared what has fans speculating they tied the knot. The couple is denying it, but it really could just be so that they can save the news for the show. That would be a big announcement to make on a new season.

What did Jesse and Darcey do to confuse fans?

Jesse and Darcey are still together. They have been arguing on social networks and making up.

Now, they have been posting all about themselves calling them "Mr. and Mrs. Meester." This made everyone think that maybe they got married, but according to Jesse and Darcey it all has to do with a photo shoot that they did recently.

They shared that they did a photo shoot that was like "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and that is why they are saying it. The thing is this story didn't have a good ending and it wasn't like it was a great love story.

Could they be married?

Darcey shared a picture of them and said "We [red heart emoji] you TLC! Thanks for today!" She had several tags on it and now everyone is wondering what is going on. It has the fans speculating that maybe they went out and got married. Maybe TLC did the big wedding for them.

If that is the case, then you know it would be filmed.

One thing is that their season of the show is done airing. If they are spending time with TLC, then that must be mean that they are filming something, which is exciting for the fans. Jesse did respond to fans and say, ""We did a photoshoot in the style of Mr. & Mrs. Smith so I get the mindf--k but we're not married yet." He also put a wink after that, which really has everyone wondering.

Instagram probably isn't the way that they would announce that they were married now.

Jesse and Darcey seem happy together now. They have been through a lot of fights that were very public and the fans would love to know that they have worked through their issues. If Darcey quit drinking, then that has probably helped them out a lot with their relationship problems.

If Darcey is still drinking, then that could end up causing problems for their relationship.

Do you think that Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester actually got married? Do you think that they will last? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when they air on Sundays on TLC. Right now, you can't see Darcey and Jesse on the show.