''This Is Us'' is by far the biggest gain in terms of high-quality and well-structured TV dramas that made it to the surface in recent years. Produced by NBC network, ''This Is Us'' took a different road while trying to establish its own footprint within the industry.

With a third season already on the assembly line, one of the show's stars decided to speak about the show during her most recent visit to ''Jimmy Kimmel Live.'' The actress who plays Rebecca Pearson talked about already knowing how the show will end.

With two seasons already under its belt, this TV show has made it to the very top while simultaneously bringing some actors into the spotlight.

Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and Sterling K. Brown are the biggest winners as their names stand out above all.

Rebecca Pearson and her role in 'This Is Us'

When asked about ''This Is Us'' most spectacular characters, one may easily choose Rebecca Pearson as being part of the best. Mandy Moore is the pinnacle of her career and she seems to embody a unique character. Rebecca Pearson is one of those strong personalities, a person that is willing to sacrifice everything in the name of her family.

The same goes for Milo Ventimiglia and his character Jack Pearson. That's why the Jack and Rebecca couple was such an interesting mix to keep an eye on.

When asked by Kimmel whether or not she knows how ''This Is Us'' will end, according to people.com, Moore emphasized that the show finale will be very satisfying.

Paying a visit at ''Jimmy Kimmel Live'' looks like a refreshing way to keep in touch with ''This Is Us'' fans. The third season is set to hit the airwaves this fall, although an official date is yet to be revealed.

What to expect from 'This Is Us' season 3

Season 2 finale left us with a strange taste on our tongues as the information flow kept on cascading.

Learning more about Jack Pearson's death came as a relief as the vast majority of viewers were eager to solve this puzzle.

On the other side, those flashes from a future narrative left us with a huge load of uncertainty. While Randall Pearson, Toby, Kate, and Kevin got their share, there was no sign of Rebecca Pearson or Miguel.

''This Is Us'' comes with another unique perspective as its very own nature makes putting things together even trickier. You have to look no further than shooting the upcoming episodes and the difficult task presented by mixing multiple timelines altogether.

Season 3 will most definitely deliver another stunning narrative and all we'll have to do is to sit tight waiting for the treat to come.