While fans and viewers are accustomed to seeing Maci Bookout on MTV’s “Teen Mom OG,” many are excitedly awaiting her appearance on the Discovery Channel’s survival show entitled “Naked and Afraid.” The MTV reality star posted a heads up for the program on her Instagram account. The Discovery Channel is set to broadcast her attempt at survival in the wilds of Nicaragua on Sunday, June 24 at 9 PM EST.

Maci has already proven she has thick skin. She weathered all of the stress that her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards created in her life and the life of their nine-year-old son, Bentley.

She has also survived several years starring on MTV’s “Teen Mom” franchise programs, along with former cast member Farrah Abraham, who is now an adult entertainer. Maci has demonstrated that she can be tough when needed.

Fans fear not, since Maci’s survival episode airs on Sunday

Earlier this month, on June 10, before Discovery aired a sneak peek of the program featuring Maci, fans feared that they missed the show with her attempting to survive 14 days in a Nicaraguan jungle. Several followers asked on her Instagram account about the show’s date, which is Sunday, June 24.

One fan, using the moniker @hellsville699, implored “when's the date of your episode girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!” Another fan, using the handle @edmanmeg, noted, “I can’t find this episode.” Maci's ever-helpful followers cited the details, which appeared to relieve fans who thought they, somehow, missed the show, possibly because a lot of attention was given to a sneak peek of the show earlier in June.

Overview of ‘Naked and Afraid’ featuring Maci was cited by People

Maci’s followers were given more detailed information about the “Naked and Afraid” episode she taped by People TV on June 22. People scooped an exclusive look at the episode via a preview. What is known is that Maci is paired with an ICU nurse. His name is Justin Tuell.

As wilderness survival partners, the duo will give it their best efforts to make it until the end of their 14-day stay in the jungle. Discovery does not supply staples needed for their survival and endurance, such as clothing, food, water, and shelter. They must rely on their resourcefulness and ingenuity to avoid tapping out – or leaving the show before their 14 days run the course.

In addition to stating that she feels “confident,” believing that motherhood and her mothering instincts will be assets, Maci also addressed her show partner’s positive attitude, which may also assist them in lasting two weeks in Nicaragua.

Maci, who describes herself as a super fan of “Naked and Afraid,” might reconsider surviving in the jungle after crossing paths with howler monkeys, venomous reptiles, and hungry predators, as People noted. Despite everything that being in the jungle entails, Hollywood Life reported that the “Teen Mom OG” star “doesn’t seem at all scared.”

Reality star practiced making fire before survival show

In the preview footage, released on June 10, Maci spoke of “practicing” fire making while she was at home in Tennessee before she ventured to Nicaragua, according to Hollywood Life.

When Maci’s episode was filmed, there was very little rain season.

What fans do know about the “Naked and Afraid” episode that airs June 24 is that Maci obviously survived. After all, she has posted on social media recently.

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