The most recent episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” on May 28 was, quite common for the reality show, drama-packed after Jenelle had a frightening call from Jace, her son, about his grandmother, PopCulture and Ok! Reality TV reported. Jace claimed that Barbara Evans hit him.

Barbara has custody of her grandson, 8, who is Janelle’s oldest child. Jenelle’s teen pregnancy with Jace is how she landed on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and its spinoff “Teen Mom 2.”

On Monday night’s episode, Jenelle relayed to her husband, David Eason, that Jace’s therapist feels strongly that the couple needs to avoid speaking about certain subjects in front of him (Jace).

Therapist tells Jenelle and husband to drop topic of grandmother

One of the specific, taboo topics cited is that of Barbara. Jenelle asserted, while speaking with her husband during a cell call from her vehicle, that the topic has already been off-limits around Jace. His therapist assessed that Jace’s relationship with Jenelle needs work or more attention.

There was a huge diversion from focusing on her own relationship with Jace after Jenelle received a cell phone call from her son, claiming that Barbara hit him.

Jenelle’s call to 911 presented disturbing allegations. She stated to the emergency service that Jace was “huffing and puffing” during his call to her and that he could not breathe.

Distressed son called reality star about her mom

While sitting with David, after the 911 call, Jenelle explained that Jace admitted that Barbara did not “actually” hit him but allegedly told her grandson that she would hit him.

The little boy was sobbing, Jenelle said, when he told what was happening with his grandmother, according to his perception.

A producer spoke with Barbara. Her account of events was that Jace saw his therapist and, later, started throwing things in the house. He punched a hole in the wall. Barbara told her grandson that he has “anger issues.” Great.

Is it any wonder in light of his mother and grandmother verbally going for one another’s jugulars from the time he was born?

Fans worried for son of ‘Teen Mom’

The description of the events that led to Jace calling Jenelle, coupled with Jenelle’s understanding that Jace wants to live with her and David, was distressing for fans to watch. Fans on Facebook are worried for Jace and who should have custody, since the adults in his life can’t even get along for his sake.

Jace, at eight-years-old when the episode was filmed, has already been exposed to so much yelling between his mother and grandmother, who uses the “F” word.

His childhood has been entrenched in witnessing the bitterness, anger, resentment, and the ongoing feud between his mother and grandmother.

Child needs stability, not mom and grandmother feuding

As fans see it, Jace and his needs for having feelings of safety and stability should have been staples of his life long ago. Instead, the little boy has adults behaving worse than errant children, fighting continuously over past issues that spiraled when neither woman controlled her tongue or emotions.

Viewers find it disconcerting to watch Jenelle and her mother go at each other. With that in mind, many feel even more so for Jace. His life should have been free of adult problems and conflicts. With both women vying for custody, though the court has already awarded Barbara custody of her grandson, it is unfair for his mother and grandmother to persist in their efforts to get Jace to decide where he wants to live.

The women need therapy to find a resolution for the benefit of the child. Their feud has gone on too long and has taken a toll on Jace.

Fans hope that the women will come to their senses and make a concerted effort to salvage what they can of Jace’s childhood so that he can enjoy being a little boy. His childhood will flash before them if they don’t get it together, and he could end up resenting both women.

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