Erin Krakow stars as teacher Elizabeth Thornton on “When Calls the Heart,” always seeming to know the perfect way to communicate with each of her students in Hope Valley by relating, on each child's level, with love. When the beloved Hallmark Channel drama is not in production, Erin Krakow still keeps close to all her castmates, usually being the first to send birthday greetings or simply a reminder to smile. In the case of Pascale Hutton, who portrays Rosemary Coulter, both things apply. Erin marked the birthday of her co-star and also hearkened back, in a loving way, to the roots of Rosemary's character.

The actress demonstrates that she is also a gifted communicator, simply using a more modern social media vehicle.

The miles don't matter

The life of an actor can be very transient. Even on the set of a network’s biggest hit series, the place of residency for the stars is in a trailer. Erin Krakow must keep diligent track of her birthday calendar because she has already sent greetings out this year to co-stars Kavan Smith and Paul Greene, and there is certain to be more. The caring touch of sending personal greetings seems to be a lost art in this era of instant messaging, but even from different locales and coasts, Krakow lets the people close to her know that they are not forgotten.

Pascale Hutton gets playfully teased as the “pesky ex-fiancée” as Rosemary in the message sent to her by Krakow on June 14, While it's true that her character did not take too well initially to Elizabeth’s capture of Jack Thornton’s heart, or to the Mountie’s dog Rip, for that matter, her willingness to pitch in and be part of the rugged community won her over to its residents.

Rosemary's passion for the theatre has brought a distinct cultural appreciation to the community in the Northwest Territory.

Erin Krakow confirms that Rosemary's arrival was “one of the greatest things that ever happened to 'When Calls the Heart.'" She also says that she and Pascale will be celebrating the birthday in person soon, so that means that the Vancouver-based series is about to be in full swing for Season 6 and the birth of Jack and Elizabeth’s child.

She knows the life

Faithful viewers of the Hallmark Channel have seen Pascale Hutton several times through June. She has starred with Kavan Smith, portraying couple Molly and Nick, in the sequel to last year's “The Perfect Bride” in this summer's installment, “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells.” The pair has also been featured in several short segments on wedding etiquette.

According to the Hallmark schedules, next weekend (June 30) is the final run of Hutton’s “June Weddings” offering.

Pascale Hutton grew up in British Columbia and was surrounded by the challenges and comforts of the rural life, swimming in the Goat River and chasing chickens, as described in her Hallmark Channel bio. She studied acting at the conservatory at the University of Alberta and was lured to Vancouver through her love of sushi and seeking better acting roles. She has been recognized with Canada's Gemini award in her craft. Parts for Pascale have ranged from high-action films, such as “S.W.A.T.: Under Siege,” to her family-focused films for Crown Media. She has a great affinity and affection for “When Calls the Heart,” and in a 2017 interview with My Devotional Thoughts, she called portraying Rosemary the part for which she had long been waiting.

Hutton only fills in for Elizabeth at the school on “When Calls the Heart,” but the actress knows much about the life of teachers, with both her parents being in the profession. She knows how the dedication and time required to invest in the learning of dozens of students can sometimes overwhelm the time and energy of teaching parents for their own children. She feels fortunate that the hit series keeps her grounded in Vancouver. By the time the series picks up after the new “When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie, Rosemary will be one of the close friends helping Elizabeth prepare for the birth, and of course, she will be regaling the story forever.

Only Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton are meant to know the special plans for their personal birthday celebration, but seeing the fuzzy ears and smiles from the post, the celebration is destined to be cozy and memorable.