Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are still just engaged and not married. This means that the couple needs someone around when they are on a date. Until a Duggar gets married, they have someone along with them all the time so that they can make sure they behave. The couple from "Counting On" seems to be doing well, but they are just enjoying their engagement for now. They are also probably doing a lot of wedding planning, but they aren't sharing the details with fans just yet. It should be coming very soon.

The couple could have been alone

Josiah and Lauren just spent some time at Silver Dollar City and it looks like they had a great time together.

In Touch Weekly shared about their trip and why some of the fans think that they went alone. Josiah and Lauren were sharing pictures of their trip and there wasn't anyone else in them. This had a lot of people thinking that they were alone, but you have to remember that someone was taking their pictures. Maybe the couple simply had someone behind the camera as a chaperone, but they just never showed who they were to the fans.

Their trip to Silver Dollar City

The trip that Josiah and Lauren took to Silver Dollar City looked like a lot of fun. He teased that he shouldn't have worn a 3-piece suit as they posed behind a picture board. Josiah also showed them with several pizzas and that had to be too many for just these two to enjoy.

That is another reason it looks like Josiah and Lauren probably had others along with them. Of course, there is a lot of speculation that they were alone, but that is just hard to buy considering the way that the Duggars do things.

Rumors have been flying for a long time that Josiah and Lauren would be getting married any day.

The rumors about when they will tie the knot keep changing. You can assume that their wedding will be soon since they got engaged back in March. The Duggars never end up being engaged for very long. Their wedding registry says that it won't be happening until New Year's Eve, but you can assume that they are just trying to trick the fans with this date.

That would be a pretty long engagement.

It is almost time for a new season of "Counting On." It will start airing on July 30, 2018, on TLC and the fans will get the chance to get to know Josiah's fiance better when the show returns. John-David Duggar is also courting now, which should show this season. It should be an exciting season full of new babies, engagements and courtships.