Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that tensions will mount within the Forrester family this coming week. Soap Hub says "Battle lines will be drawn" with everyone taking sides because of Sally. Wyatt is falling for the fiery redhead and hates that his father caused her to lose everything. On Tuesday, he convinced Eric to find a place for his new love interest at his fashion house. Eric asked Hope to find a place for Ms. Spectra and reluctantly she did. She told Sally that she really did not want to work with her, and other family members followed suit.

Ridge, Katie, Maya, and Thorne all expressed their discomfort with having the woman who stole from their company now in their employ.

Hope does not see Sally in her future

Eric got Hope to hire Sally as part of her Hope for the Future team and announced to everyone at Forrester that Ms. Spectra deserves another chance. There were obvious objections because Sally had stolen Forrester designs and cost the company millions. Ms. Logan stated several times that she did not trust her new employee and Ridge made it clear that if Ms. Spectra hurt his family again he was coming after her.

On Thursday as Sally stood outside the door she overheard Katie begging Wyatt to cut her lose before it was too late.

Liam warned his brother that he needed to be careful and during a meeting that was called by Hope, Maya and Thorne also complained that Ms. Spectra could not be trusted. According to Soap Hub, tensions on "The Bold and the Beautiful" are going to escalate and the more Sally tries to prove her value, the less she will be trusted.

Hope will be especially resentful and try to keep the newcomer in her place.

Sally may rise above the Forrester opinions

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry say that on Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Sally will be angry with Wyarr for defending her to Hope. Ms. Spectra wants to redeem herself in the eyes of the Forresters without any help.

She was disappointed when Hope would not look at her designs and stated that Sally would never be a designer at Forrester. Ms. Spectra is determined to rise above the opinions of the Forrester family in her own time and her own manner.

Before long, Hope may be thankful that Sally is on her team because she has a lot that is coming her way. In addition to producing her first fashion show, she is trying to get over losing Liam to Steffy. Pam is watching her intently because she is concerned that Liam and Hope working in close proximity could spell trouble for Steffy. If previous spoilers are correct, and Ms.Logan is carrying Liam's child, this will really open up a can of worms. With all that drama, Sally may be needed to see that the fashion show goes off without a hitch. Be on the lookout for additional "B&B" spoilers as they become available.