The fans have wondered if John David Duggar would find love for a while and it turns out that he has found his girl. Us Weekly shared the news about the new girl in his life. He is now with girlfriend Abbie Grace Burnett and the two seem to be doing great. The Duggars never announce a courtship until things are going well.

A statement from the couple

John David Duggar gives a statement about the couple He said, "Abbie and I are just so excited, we’ve known of each other for several years. We fell in love very quickly and it’s been a wonderful journey thus far." The Duggars do fall for people that they have known for a while often.

Joy-Anna and Austin were really good friends before they ever even started courting each other.

Abbie is from Oklahoma and explained that John David flew in for a church event that she was at recently. She said they really connected at that time. A video on TLC shows the two together and they look very happy. John David says they are already in love. They have done a lot of prayer, counseling and also spent a lot of time together. It sounds like they are great together and maybe this relationship is exactly what John David needed and has been waiting on. Everyone can't wait to get to know Abbie better on "Counting On" and hopefully, John David will now get a social network to share pictures as well.

Happy Duggar news

There is so much going on for the Duggar Family right now. Austin and Joy-Anna just had a baby boy along with Kendra and Joseph having their son. Jinger Duggar Vuolo is due within the next month. She already announced that she is having a girl, which is the first girl for a Duggar in a long time. With this new courtship, that gives the fans plenty to see on the show.

We haven't seen much of Josiah and Lauren's relationship either and they are now courting. That should air on the new season as well.

"Counting On" is coming back, which means viewers will get to see all of this and that is really exciting. Hopefully, the season starts letting us get to know Lauren and then we get to know Abbie later on.

Since John David said their relationship went so well from the start, it would not be shocking at all if they end up deciding to get engaged very soon as well. Maybe his twin sister Jana Duggar will find love soon herself.

A new season of "Counting On" will start airing on July 30, 2018, on TLC. The fans should hopefully get to see John David Duggar's new girlfriend Abbie Grace Burnett and get to know her better.