Audiences have broken out in outrage this Thursday as Fox has now confirmed that the network will be canceling the continuation of the fan favorite "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." The series, which makes use of its platform to bring light to important political issues and subjects, has generated quite the fan base over the previous years with its lovable characters and amusing dynamics. It’s no wonder, then, that viewers all over the globe were disheartened to learn that the television network Fox is not greenlighting the series for continuation.

The series has been canceled after five critically-acclaimed seasons

Hailing from creators, writers, and co-executive producers Dan Goor and Michael Schur, the show first premiered on Fox in September 2013. The first season averaged an impressive 4.80 million viewers, which was beaten by its season two average rating of 4.87 million viewers. Fans quickly realized that the series was something special and fell in love with both the characters and the storylines that continuously developed throughout the seasons. Earlier this year, the series also hit the milestone of a total of 100 episodes, which was celebrated by fans and cast members alike.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a hit comedy series that focuses around the 99th precinct of the New York Police Department.

Following the characters involved and the rather strange cases that they find themselves solving, the show gives audience members a humorous look into the workplace of the 99th precinct and the personal lives of all those involved.

The show has also recently been acclaimed as one of the “funniest, most important” shows on television, an article by The Washington Post stated last year.

It’s no easy feat to be deemed as one of the most outstanding TV Shows aired to date and, despite its frank take on contemporary policing issues, fans have still found the show immensely enjoyable.

In fact, one of the reasons that the series has become to be known as one of the most vital shows, let alone comedy shows, on television is due to the fact that it is so inclusive and representative of issues that deserve a lot more attention – focusing on topics such as racial profiling and America’s stance on gun control.

The cancellation has been made due to poor ratings

Despite the amount of audience interest that it has racked up over the past five years, Fox decided to cancel the continuation of the show due to its recent poor ratings. It’s previous; the fourth season received an average of only 2.87 million viewers, which is quite the drop from its debut. However, with the series becoming more available in its entirety on online streaming platforms such as Netflix, this doesn’t necessarily indicate a drop in the love for the show but more so just a drop in the number of people watching it through the television’s networking channel directly.

Fans far and wide have recently been taking to Twitter to showcase and display their outrage at the decision to cancel any forthcoming seasons.

Amongst them, celebrity names such as Mark Hammill and Lin-Manuel Miranda have called for the series to be picked up once again.

Multiple members of the cast of the series, such as Andy Samberg - who plays beloved star Jake Peralta - and Terry Crews - who plays the hilarious Terry Jeffords - have also expressed their upset regarding the network’s decision to cancel any upcoming episodes and have shared hopes that the decision will be revoked.

Other networks have showcased an interest in picking up the show

However, all hope for the series is not yet lost. Only hours after the news broke that Fox plans to cancel the comedy, the show became the talk of the industry with a number of different television production and networking companies showcasing an interest in picking up the show instead.

According to an earlier article released by The Hollywood Reporter, networking platforms such as Netflix and Hulu have already tried to get in touch with Universal Television in regards to setting up negotiations to grab the series while it’s hot. The studio has declined to comment as of yet, but producers seem to be against the revival of the series on a competitor platform. However, lovers of the show are definitely not going to quieten down any time soon - the fan base of the franchise is ready to fight tooth and nail to get the show the sixth season that it deserves.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine” wasn’t the only victim that Fox was claiming either. Similarly, Fox has announced the cancellations of Kaitlin Olson’s “The Mick” after only two aired seasons, and has now confirmed that “The Last Man on Earth” will come to an end after its existing four seasons as well.