Welcome back from hiatus, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"! To recap, this Fox show is returning from its winter hiatus with "Safe House", the twelfth episode of season five. In the last episode, Seamus Murphy finally called in his favor with Captain Holt; a block party permit. If you remember, Captain Holt used information from the crime boss to get Rosa Diaz and Jake Peralta out of jail.

Spoiler alert!

What would a bad guy do with a block party permit, something that wouldn't even need the cops to do something illegal? Turns out, there's plenty of things, and Captain Holt is fully prepared.

It turns out to be a cover for their next crime! Going undercover, Jake and Charles manage to befriend Seamus's nephew, Kyle, get the information they need to bust their robbery. Unfortunately, that put Kyle in danger, and he was put into protective custody.

Even though Captain Holt had kept up his end of the bargain, it was a loophole that didn't sit well with Murphy. The last episode ended with him threatening Captain Holt's husband, Kevin.

So naturally, the precinct goes all out when it comes to his protection.

Peralta has a tracker braided into his hair?

They spend several weeks in the safe house until they finally get a tip that Murphy's hideout is going to be raided. But at the viewing party with the precinct, they learn that the house was empty, and Seamus had been tipped off.

So what now? Captain Holt increases the security measures at the safe house, causing tension in his marriage, which causes tension for Peralta, who later explains that because of seeing so many failed marriages in his life, the last thing he wanted was for Kevin and Raymond to get a divorce. So, the men go where anyone would want to go!

The public library, disguised as perverts. Obviously.

Overall, the episode wraps up the Seamus Murphy plotline in a neat little bow. But wait, there's more!

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" airs on Fox on Sundays at 8:30 PM.

It continues to be a wonderful source of comedy, coming up with new, fresh, and relatable bits while still tackling difficult subjects such as police brutality, racism, and sexuality. Featuring an amazingly diverse cast, showing many different types of friendships and breaking stereotypes, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is truly a breath of fresh air.

In the next episode, "The Negotiation" we see yet another familiar face. Welcome back, Pontiac Bandit! Hopefully, in the last couple of episodes of season five, we will be able to see Rosa Diaz's girlfriend, and what comes from all these hints!