The feud between Deadpool and Wolverine has reached an even higher level with the news that “Deadpool 2” has surpassed the box office revenue of “Logan”. According to a report released by Forbes, the recently released film has already achieved a higher domestic box office revenue than the previous Fox film “Logan”, which was notably loved by fans of the DC Cinematic Universe. Despite only being in its fourth week of release, “Deadpool 2” already has a worldwide revenue of nearly $600 million.

'Deadpool 2:' fourth-biggest R-rated release

It’s now been confirmed by a report released by Forbes that “Deadpool 2” has, somewhat unsurprisingly, generated an impressive domestic box office revenue of $227.7 million.

Whilst the film is still in theaters and will still be pulling in even more profit, this already confirms that Deadpool has won this battle against Wolverine. The previous Fox release “Logan” closed out a domestic revenue of $226 million after fans of the franchise flocked to witness Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the character.

With the lengthy comic-book history of the battle between Deadpool and Wolverine, audience members are continuously pleased to see the number of fourth-wall breaking jokes featured in both “Deadpool” films about the relationship between the two. Unfortunately, Hugh Jackman won’t be returning as Wolverine any time soon having retired from the role, but Wade must be feeling pretty smug right about now.

‘Deadpool 2’ confirms call for further R-rated films

With the extensive comedic marketing that the sequel received running up to its release, it’s really not a surprise that the film has done so well. As the first film will confirm, Deadpool is a beloved character and fans are eager to see this accurate portrayal of his personality further.

The first “Deadpool” achieved an opening weekend revenue of $132 million as fans were eager to flock to theatres far and wide to get a glimpse at the hyped up movie. The second isn’t far off as the Forbes report now confirms that it racked up a close $128 million during its own debut weekend and will likely be pulling in further profit as the screenings continue.

If anything, this showcases that fans of the cinematic universe are more interested in watching R-rated films than studios initially thought. If profit predictions prove to be accurate and “Deadpool 2” closes with a profit of roughly $300 million, this will make the film the fourth-biggest R-rated film to hit theaters. It’s also not a surprise that the first “Deadpool” is up there alongside it being the third.

With the success that R-rated films are receiving, it’s only understandable to predict that comic-book fans will be expecting further higher rated releases in the upcoming years. It’s obvious that adult-orientated demographics are proving to do nicely in generating profit for the film studios, and so there’s plenty of incentive to span out and greenlight the production for future R-rated films.