The internet can breathe a sigh of relief. "Rick and Morty" is returning to our screens. That's right, after months of speculation and fanboy rage online the daring, nihilistic duo is set to return.

Adult Swim has announced the return, with an unprecedented 70 episodes, which will no doubt satiate our "Rick and Morty" lust for some time and quell the online rage (hopefully)

The show, now heading into the production of its fourth season, is one of Adult swim's most successful comedies. So the initial news that its creators (Dan Harman and Justin Roiland) were unsure if the show be would be picked up for a fourth season, were met with surprise.

Months of negotiations followed.

But never fear it's now here! or will be in the near future, with Justin Roiland confirming via twitter the shows return.

When will it be on our screens?

As of yet, no date has been confirmed for the fourth season. And it's unlikely to be anytime soon. "Rick and Morty" is notorious for long hiatus', making us all wait many grueling months. So a return date this year is unlikely. Factor in that the writing process, which often takes months, hasn't begun yet, and then throw the animation on top of it all, a swift, triumphant return to our living rooms seems all but impossible.

It's highly likely we are still more than a year away from getting our fix, so be prepared for more belligerence online from the shows loyal fan base, and try to find a way to fill in the time.

What can we expect when it arrives?

Now that the masses have what the want, what's next? What can we hope to expect? In a word: Freedom. The unprecedented 70 episode renewal, which takes the shows total tally to 101 episodes, will no doubt give the show's writer and creators a greater freedom, knowing that they have such rare studio support.

This incredible number of episodes will also no doubt allow the writer to stretch the creative limits of the show. Ideas and philosophies, often intrinsic to the show, will no doubt be explored in greater depth.

The possibilities are both thrilling and potentially scarring, given what the twisted minds of the show have previously put to air.

Just imagine this show with a greater license and freedom to do whatever it wants. What will that look like? Who can say?

Although it's not yet clear how many episodes we'll get in the fourth season (likely to be 14 according to Dan Harman), one thing is clear, it will likely be bigger, bolder and edgier.

But isn't that why we fell in love with this show in the beginning?